That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 642

Like a Battlefield

‘Arnold. I’m not in a position to ask you to let bygones be bygones. But your father has done something
wrong, hasn’t he?”

Arnold turned around and smiled wryly as though he just heard a joke “Time’s up. I have to visit him


The prison door opened slowly. Before Josie could make out what was going on. he disappeared.

She gripped her phone tightly and typed out a message. After making a couple of amendments, she
finally sent it out. I’m still curious-what did Arnold’s father do to deserve imprisonment for life”

Has he boarded the plane? She wondered.

Five minutes later, she received a lengthy voice message.

According to Dexter, Carter Group and Russell Group were competitors. After his father took over
Russell Group, he didn’t mind sacrificing his pride for the development of his company. He waited at
the door of Carter Residence for a month before the head of the Carter family agreed to work together.

Back then, Yanis was still in the company. He didn’t like the Carter Group and played several tricks to
sabotage them, resulting in the suicide of the head of the Carter family.

It was already too late when Dexter’s father uncovered the truth.

When Arnold’s father took control of the company, he placed some spies in Russell Group to take
revenge. It led to internal crises within the company that caused Dexter’s father to suddenly die from a
heart attack.

Dexter was studying abroad when that happened. In order to take over Russell Group, he finished his
studies in six months and took full responsibility for the company upon returning.

However, there were still some remaining spies in the company that took advantage of the company’s
instability to siphon hundreds of millions away.

Unexpectedly, Dexter was not easy to deal with. He immediately sniffed out the spy and found the
evidence that sent Arnold’s father to prison.

As the sum of money was astronomical, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Dexter was decisive and meticulous – he didn’t leave any loophole for Arnold to be able to bail his


After hearing the complete story, Josie finally understood that the roots of revenge go deep within the
two families

Each had their own justifications for taking revenge, but the source of everything was Yanis

After such a long time, we no longer know what the root cause is, and we are unable to clear things up
anymore. Dexter replied.

A heasy weight hung on Josie’s heart when she heard that Business was like a battlefield, cach
decision would change one’s life.

Dexter and Arnold were both actually innocent.


Why are you suddenly asking about this?”

You talked about Wyatt before you left, which led me to think about this.

Tm boarding the plane now. Talk later.

Josie locked her phone and continued looking at the prison door. “Does Mr. Carter visit often?” she

the driver.

The driver observed her vigilantly. He seemed to conclude that she had a special connection to Arnold
and replied, “Around once every two months. He would usually visit in the middle of the month.

While Josie was calculating the dates, Arnold walked out in a black coat. He looked terribly lonely as he
walked on the streets with his hands in his pockets.

It was rare for him to wear dark-colored clothes.

“Why are you back so soon?” Josie asked.

Arnold opened a bottle of water and took a sip. “How long do you want me to stay?”

Josie fell silent.

“He’s going to be elated for the next two months after hearing about my marriage with Summer.”

Josie pursed her lips into a thin line, not knowing what else to say.

“By the way, he seems to age much quicker behind bars. As months pass, I can barely recognize him.”

The car started moving again. Josie seemed distant when she interjected suddenly, “You met Wyatt.”

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