That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 644

Forgot About Him

Infuriated by Arnold, Josie sped away in disgust and fury.

Arnold sank back in his seat and shut his eyes.

The driver was at a loss on what to do next. Nothing seemed right to him. “Mr. Carter, er-”

When he opened his eyes again, Josie was gone from his sight. He picked up the water bottle and
emptied the contents over his head to clear his mind.

“Go back to the office,” he barked grimly.

On the other hand, Josie stormed back to her office with trembling hands. A wave of disgust overcame
her whenever she recalled Arnold’s disrespectful behavior.

She had always regarded him as a righteous gentleman who knew his boundaries. If it weren’t for our
conflicting positions, I thought we could be friends. I can’t believe the words he just spewed today. Be
his lover? How could he bring himself to say that?

“Ms. Warren, what’s wrong?” one of the employees asked upon bumping into her.

“Nothing.” She entered the washroom and stared at her reflection.

Is this his true character from the beginning? she wondered. She couldn’t forget his passionate gaze
moments ago. Leaning against the wall, she felt palpitations rolling in her veins along. with an ominous
feeling that began to coil around her.

She walked out of the bathroom after she had finally calmed down.

“I’m not going to follow up with the project from Carter Group. Jade, take it up with Angel,” she

Since she was their boss, no one had any objections, including Jade.

After all, this was an excellent opportunity for him to gain new experience. “Sure.”

Josie glanced at Laura’s empty office. “How long has she been absent?”

“A couple of days.”

She nodded and sent a message to Laura.

“This morning, I heard that Zach will return to Wavery soon. Take care!’

If that were true, an imminent storm would soon blow over town. All she could do was give




Laura a heads-up so she could avoid it.

Then, she left the office. While she was in the elevator, she called Paul.

“Pops, are you at home?”

“Me? I’m at the hospital.”

“Hospital? What are you doing there?” she asked nervously.

“Your memory is worse than mine, young lady. I’m having a check-up today.”

Josie slapped her forehead. “Oh, right. I completely forgot about that. Are you alone? Is Justin with

“There’s no need to bother yourselves with me; I know you guys are busy. I’m almost fully recovered,
and I can go to the check-up alone.”

There was some background noise from his end, making it clear that he was at the hospital.

Josie panicked. “Pops, send me your location. I’ll pick you up now. Don’t wander around, okay?”

“Silly girl, I’m not a five-year-old. But I’ll wait for you here, alright?”

“Yes, just wait for me. The outside world is chaotic. Don’t let me lose you again.”

“Okay, okay,” he replied gently.

The doctor called his number as he ended the call, and he slowly made his way to the ward. His
memory was not as good as before, but he was very familiar with the hospital.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been staying there for the past few years, he speculated cheerfully.

Meanwhile, Josie called her designated driver to go to the hospital while she hailed a cab


I’m not a responsible daughter. I forgot all about Pops because of how busy I am. After he joins us at
Mason Garden, I will take good care of him.

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