That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 653

The Same Birthdate

A couple of hours later, Shawn left the room.

Dexter stood watching at the window. Larry went up to him. “Mr. Russell, do you think Mr. Bastille would
do as you say?”

“His only hope now is to do what I told him to. I’ve given him half a year to collaborate with our
company without him putting in any effort. He has the better end of the deal. He wouldn’t even be able
to go up against Morgan Bastille without this.” He placed the glass. down. “Do you want to make a

“What is it for?”

“Within these six months, Shawn will force Morgan into a tight corner.”

A devious smile stretched across his lips as though the image of the scene was playing out in his head.


eyes swept down as Shawn stepped out of the hotel. He did not leave after entering his car, probably
checking something up.

At that moment, Dexter’s smile froze when he spotted a petite figure. Sitting in an open-air restaurant,
she was dressed in a long white dress. A small cake was before her as she clasped. her hands
together with her eyes closed.

Even though he could not see her face, Dexter immediately knew that she was Heather.

Is it her birthday today?

“Is Heather’s file still around?” he asked in a low voice.

Larry was puzzled, but he brought it out quickly. “Yes, sir.”

Dexter took it and glanced at it, immediately noticing the date written near the top. It was the day’s

So, it is her birthday.

She seemed to be delighted after making her wish. She cut the cake open and took her time eating it.

Dexter’s expression was mixed as he watched her finish the cake and left.

Why is it today of all days…

“Does Heather know that I’m staying here?” he was wary

“That’s not possible. Our itinerary hasn’t been disclosed to many.”

He recalled a memory. At that moment, an absurd thought came to his mind.

Today’s Leanne’s birthday too….

“We’ll head back to Wavery tomorrow.”

Mrs. Langman received the news very swiftly. “Zach Olsen is already in Wavery?

Josie was speculating about his first move. Would he go straight to the hospital?

But not much time passed before it was revealed that he was helping Summer handle their family’s
matters. This disproved any news of him being ostracized.

Did he go to help Summer? Josie was skeptical.

Paul was bored while staying in Mason Garden. Josie planned to bring him along to visit Grandpa.

It had been quite some time since she had seen him.

The two chatted away like old friends. Josie let them be and went out for a walk.

She hesitated after turning the corner but ultimately chose the road to Sousturham.

Claudia would not be around. She seemed busy as she had been staying at the Olsen Residence for a
while now.

Josie stepped into the church. A priest greeted her. “Peace be with you.”

She nodded back under her cap. Her heart would feel calm whenever she was there.

After standing in one spot for a while, she turned to leave, but a familiar figure caught her


It was Claudia. She had a veil over her head. A man with a hat held his arm out to support her as they
left the main sanctuary. They must have just finished a prayer meeting.

Josie wanted to hide from them but could not do it in time.

She had nowhere to hide when the two walked into her.

At that very moment, Josie realized that the man under the hat was Zach.

After disappearing from public sight for a while, his gaze had only become colder, and the air around
him was glacial.

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