That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 654

Dexter Will Send You Behind Bars

They stood in the garden behind the main building. Bored, Zach stood to a side while. looking at Josie.

A chill ran down Josie’s back. She could feel the stony look fixed on her. “I’m sorry. I gave the Bible that
you gifted me to someone else. She brought the matter up after some time. contemplating.

Claudia took a deep breath as she watched the scenery. “It’s up to you what you do with the things
gifted to you.”

Josie felt choked up.

Claudia turned to her. “Don’t regret your decisions.”

Claudia’s clear eyes were skilled at evaluating a person.

Josie was nervous about meeting Claudia without any reason today. “Is Mr. Olsen doing any. better?”

Claudia averted her eyes. “You don’t need to bring it up if you don’t care about it.”

Josie felt a lump in her throat. Although Claudia was aloof when they first met, Josie thought she was
still considerate. Yet now, she seemed completely unconcerned.

“You know me well.” Josie nodded.

“You don’t like flattering others. That’s why you have no reason to force yourself to do anything you
don’t want, like visiting Mark. Dexter has a relationship that he cannot end. with us. It’s not the same for
you.” Claudia pointed it out clearly, leaving no room for dispute.

The bridge in Dexter and the Olsen family’s relationship was none other than Summer.

Josie understood that Claudia wanted to keep her out. “Mrs. Hadey, are you trying to protect


There was a look of compassion in Claudia’s eyes, but she did not answer Josie’s question directly.

“You’re worried that I would be hurt and hope I won’t have much to do with the Olsen. family, right?”
Josie was not being narcissistic. She knew Claudia very well.

“You’re free to think that way.” Claudia turned and left.

Josie was rooted to her spot while watching her go.

However, Zach did not follow her. He continued staring at Josie with his piercing gaze.

Unafraid, Josie stared back at him.

He took a few steps toward her with his hands in his pockets. “I didn’t expect Mrs. Russell to be this
capable. I can’t believe that you know my mother personally.”

She quirked a brow. “That’s true. I do have my capabilities. But you, on the other hand, the only thing
you know is to raise a hand against women. What an act of bravery, huh?”

“Do you want to die?” Zach was infuriated. He lifted his hand, thinking of hitting her.

Josie did not flinch. “Go on. It’s best if you make sure I actually die. If you can’t do it, Dexter will send
you behind bars the very next day!”

Her fearless demeanor aggravated him further. “F*****g w***e! I can’t touch you just because you have
a man behind you. But how about Laura? If I find her, you won’t have a chance to save her again!”

Zach was evidently aggrieved after being kept away for months. He could no longer keep up the
gentlemanly act he used to do. It was as though a maniacal thug had taken his place.

With his threat, Josie grasped his raised arm. “I warn you, Zach, if you touch a single hair on Laura, I’ll
put you in jail myself!”

“With what you have? I can take charge of my family’s properties now. Just so you know, you have no
chance of doing anything to me!”

“So what? You can’t even find Laura.” A smirk stretched across her face.

With what he said, Josie noticed that he had not found Laura after he returned to Wavery. This gave
her relief.

“Keep her well hidden if you care for her!” How he wished he could hit that smile off her face.

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