That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 661

A Stranger on the Phone

Dexter was struck by a memory. When he first saw Heather, he thought she looked like Josie.

Could it be that she didn’t look like Josie? Could she be the real Liana?

Dexter’s heart thumped against his chest as he tried to process the idea that Heather could be Liana.
He knew that seeing her again would cause a major emotional upheaval within him.

All the things he had done to her in the past would only add to the guilt he already felt toward her.

“I apologize for my bluntness, but I don’t think it would be easy for the Olsen family to clarify her
identity. as their family relations are extremely complicated.”

Dexter massaged his temples, his headache pounding like a jackhammer. “We need to get Claudia and
Heather together,” he said, his voice strained. “If they meet, it will make our progress much smoother.”

After a short pause, he emphasized, “It has to be Claudia.”

She was the only clear-headed member of the Olsen family, unclouded by personal ambition or greed.
She was the person most suitable to identify Heather’s true identity.

“I understand,” Larry turned around and walked away. After a few paces, he stopped and turned back
“We’ve secured the partnership with Shawn Bastille. I heard that Morgan is absolutely livid.”

Dexter’s lips curled into a smirk. “He must be seething after losing his control.”

The Olsen family was in complete disarray this year. Summer had been pushed to the brink by Zach
Olsen’s return. She was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t focus on her plans to target the Russell

Group. To make matters worse, she was also caught up in the Carter Group’s latest debacle. It had
been a challenging year for her.

Dexter had a meeting that night at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to discuss the Russell Group’s plans to
build warehouses overseas the following year.

He had left his phone in the car, so he asked Moses to get it for him. The hotel was crowded, and
Moses was bumped into by a woman in the elevator. The sudden collision between their bodies
inadvertently caused both of them to drop their phones. Alarmed, they quickly picked up the phone
closest to them without further inspection.

Unfortunately, they both had the same phone model, and they both ended up with the wrong phone.

After Josie showered, she called Dexter, but the breathy voice on the other end of the line was delicate


“Who is this?”

Josie remained silent momentarily, trying to make sense of what was happening. She then noticed the
noise in the background and took a wild guess at their location. “Hi, I’m looking for Dexter Russell.
Could you please pass the phone to him?” she said calmly.

“You’re looking for Dexter here? Are you his mistress or his wife?”

Josie could tell that the woman was intoxicated. She took a deep breath to regain her composure
before replying, “I’m Mrs. Russell.”



The woman at the other end of the call fell silent. Her calm and firm tone exuded a charisma that could
only belong to the matriarch of the family. “What is your last name?” she asked timidly.


The woman finally believed her. “I see. Why didn’t you join Mr. Russell here? Have you had dinner? It’s
really late now.”

Everyone knew that Dexter was very protective of his wife, but she was from an ordinary family
background and had no one with a strong standing in the social hierarchy to back her up. They didn’t
see the need to be intimidated by her because they thought she would be replaced in a few years.

Everyone who worked here knew about it.

That was why she wasn’t bothered by her and treated her disrespectfully.

Josie was unfazed by the other woman’s dismissive attitude. She stood her ground and spoke to her in
a firm but polite tone. “I need to speak to Dexter,” she said. “Please give him the phone. It will only take


Josie’s politeness only seemed to fuel the other woman’s arrogance. “Don’t you know Mr. Russell is
busy?” she sneered. “He has urgent matters to attend to. If I were you, I wouldn’t bother him at this
time, Men will eventually get tired of the same woman, so if you want to stay by his side for a long time,
you’ll have to be more compliant. After all, he is a powerful man who expects to be obeyed.”

She advised Josie with a cunning grin playing at the corners of her lips.

Josie’s eyes widened in disbelief as she listened to the other woman’s words. She shifted her position
on the bed and crossed her arms. “I’ve learned something new,” she responded, her voice dripping with
sarcasm. “So, tell me, what is your relationship with him?”

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