That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 655

You’re My Medicine

However, Zach couldn’t act rashly while Claudia was still outside the temple.

In a swift and determined move, Zach forcefully pushed Josie’s hand away and strode out, sending a
cold shiver down her spine. Her heart pounded as she quickly sent a message to Laura, ‘If you see
this, please reply.’

The silence remained, and there was no response from Laura.

Anxiety gripped Josie’s heart as she wondered where Laura could be. If she hadn’t encountered Zach,
she should be safe. Although a thought kept resurfacing in Josie’s mind, she hesitated to accept it fully,
pushing it away. Unable to bear the uncertainty, she reluctantly reached out to Morgan, hoping for any
clue about Laura’s whereabouts.

During her time with Matthew, she was introduced to a psychiatrist. However, when she discovered that
the psychiatrist was Morgan Bastille, she blocked him. Due to the disappearance of Laura, she had no
choice but to unblock his contact, hoping he might have some information about the missing woman.

‘Sorry to bother you, but I can’t contact Laura. Please reply to my message if you have any information

about her.’

Meanwhile, in another part of Rivodia, the heavy rain enveloped the city in its relentless embrace.

In a simple yet stylish apartment, a man sat in a bathtub, the steady rhythm of the raindrops against the
window creating a soothing melody. The air was filled with the refreshing scent of pine wood, imparting
at sense of tranquility to the surroundings.

A woman wearing a bathrobe approached, holding a tray of fresh fruits. She casually remarked, “You
seem to like pine wood.”

Indeed, over the past few months, he had burned pine wood incense every time they had been in
contact, filling the air with its distinctive fragrance.

As the mirror’s surface caught the light, Laura’s face emerged, unmistakable.

The man raised his gaze, scrutinizing her with a mocking smile playing on his lips. “Why did you come
all the way to Rivodia?”

“My medication is running out. I came to get more,” Laura answered softly.

None of the many men she had encountered, including Zach, could evoke the same response as
Morgan- the only one who could make her feel fearful.

That sense of fear was strangely alluring to her. It captivated and fascinated her, drawing her closer to
him. despite the uneasiness it instilled in her.

After leaving Wavery, Laura had been restless, finding solace only in Morgan’s presence.

“Take the prescription I gave to you in the hospital; you can get your medication there,” Morgan replied,
indifferent and unconcerned.

“That’s not what I meant.” Laura bent down, her face wearing a pitiful expression. “Dr. Bastille, I believe
you’re my medicine.”

Morgan’s gaze remained steady, and after a moment, he almost laughed. He gently caressed her

face. “You are funny.”

Laura grew anxious, desperate to make him understand. “It’s true.”

Desperate, she leaned over too much, accidentally revealing her cleavage-enough to stir any man’s

Despite Laura’s plea, Morgan’s expression remained unchanged. He firmly pushed her away, making
his position clear. “Our doctor-patient relationship has ended. I am no longer Dr. Bastille.”

“But I heard that I was the only patient you have ever treated,” Laura quickly interjected, her voice
desperate. “Your plan was always to take over the family business. So why did you make a detour to
Wavery and become my psychiatrist for so many months?”

Morgan placed his hand under his nose, concealing a faint smile. It seemed as if women always
thought they were special in some way.

“What do you think?” he asked, his tone enigmatic.

“Not because of me,” Laura admitted, her vulnerability exposed. “But I hoped I could become someone
important to you.”

Her words lingered in the air. Morgan glanced at her before suddenly reaching out and pulling her into
the bathtub, creating a splash of water around them.

He firmly held her wet neck, leaned in close, and looked into her eyes. “You are overestimating your
importance, Laura.”

Laura didn’t resist; instead, she desired to be in his embrace, no matter how stern he might be. She
longed To be close to him.

As Morgan whispered in her ear, his voice appeared slightly agitated, “You are being too reckless,
Laura. You shouldn’t have run away from Wavery. And you made her worry; that’s unforgivable!”

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