That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 659

Who’s Going to Take Responsibility if Something Goes. Wrong?

Josie took a deep breath and announced, “I’ll be there as soon as possible. Please try to stop them.”

As soon as she ended the call, she told Moses, “Please take me to the construction site.”

Josie arrived at a construction site that was filled with sizzling tension as the two sides argued. The
construction workers carried construction tools, making them look even more intimidating.

“Who are you to tell us what to do? Get away!” The man in charge snapped at them.

Jade stood in front of him. “Give me the official documents authorizing the use of these materials, or I

won’t back down.”

“You little troublemaker!”

“Don’t you

feel guilty? How could you use unauthorized materials? Who’s going to take responsibility if something
goes wrong?”

The construction workers must have been surprised at how knowledgeable they were about the legality
of the materials.

“It doesn’t matter either way,” Will said, hurrying to them and standing next to Jade. “I’ve told you that
the materials are fine. We have to complete our work before the new year. Please don’t affect our
progress, young fella.”

Jade stood rooted to his spot and directed his irritation at Will, “You’re part of this too?”

“What are you getting at?” Will stomped his feet in frustration. “It’s the Carter Group’s project. We
wouldn’t have started the construction if something was wrong with the materials. The materials would
take at least three to five days to be tested and authorized. Who will be responsible for the delay of our

work then?”

He had a point; Jade was rendered speechless, with his lips pressed together in a tight line.

Will continued, “Are you going to take responsibility?”

Dumbfounded, Jade could not offer a rebut as he let the weight of Will’s words sink in.

A delicate voice rang out from afar. “I’ll take the responsibility,” it said,

Josie strode towards them and stood by Jade’s side. “If someone has to take responsibility for the
delay in progress, I will,” she announced, her voice booming so the rest of them could hear.

Will felt his head throbbing in frustration. “Ms. Warren, why are you behaving like them?” he asked.

He even referred to her by her last name.

“Will, I’m not making this up,” Josie said, summoning a tight-lipped smile. “Since they pointed out the
problem, shouldn’t you be trying to fix it as soon as possible? Is there really a problem with the


When she first took on the project, she had her doubts about the materials used. Therefore, she
inspected their progress personally to avoid any problems.



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caused any problems. It’s very sturdy, even though it hasn’t been authorized.”

There was indeed a problem with the materials..

Josie scanned the materials and interrogated, “Is it cheap?”

Will’s frown deepened as he answered, “It’s high-quality material.”

projects before. It’s never

Josie’s lips quirked disbelievingly. “We’ll also be in hot water if something goes wrong with the project.
1 can’t let you use these materials.”


Amidst the heat of their argument, Josie remained calm and composed. She turned to Angel and Jade
and said, “You guys did a great job today. The Carter Group should reward you for this!”

Angel and Jade exchanged worried glances. “Jo, will we get in trouble if we stop them from working?”

Will was already discussing the matter with the people involved.

“Don’t back down. You’re doing the right thing, and you have nothing to fear.”

It made sense to stand their ground, but it was still daunting to be confronting brawny men with their
construction tools.

Josie stood her ground defiantly, her small frame only making her determination more impressive.

“The person in charge from the Carter Group will be here soon. Ms. Warren, you’ll have to answer to
them,” Will said indifferently, exasperated by her stubbornness.

Josie was unfazed by his cold attitude. However, she immediately thought of Arnold when he
mentioned the person in charge of the Carter Group.

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