That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 663

Offending Mrs Russell

Once the culprit stepped up and admitted her guilt, the manager understood it would result in the girl’s

For subordinates, having their supervisor’s support was something to be grateful for. Still, if the
supervisor refused, the subordinate’s problem wasn’t their concern or responsibility.

Ruby quivered in fear. Her previous arrogance towards Josie had now vanished.

She dared not lift her head and meet his eyes in Dexter’s overpowering presence.

“I’m sorry for my actions, Mr. Russell. I didn’t know my place and offended Mrs. Russell. You can
punish me however you think is appropriate!” Ruby apologized in a flutter, bowing deeply.

Dexter gave her a cold stare and asked, “Which university do you attend?”

Ruby glanced at his expression and stuttered, “…D… D University.”

Their eyes briefly met that moment, sending a shiver down Ruby’s spine.

With just a few glances, this man towering over her could see right through a person’s social
background. And she knew nothing about him…

The absolute dominance of power was terrifying and humbling, making Ruby feel inferior and

Dexter shifted his gaze away and instructed Larry, “Check if there’s such a person at D University.”

Larry was about to take out his phone when Ruby suddenly blurted out, “Mr. Russell… I, I didn’t attend
D University. I go to A University…”

Her voice trembled this time, reflecting her fear for the future.

The moment those words left her lips, the manager shot a disapproving look at Ruby, astonished that
she would lie in front of Dexter. Did she have a death wish?

Dexter’s unwavering stare bore into her, his face a mask of authority. He effortlessly saw through her
attempts at manipulation.

“Ms. Snitch, trying to fool me won’t end well,” he cautioned with a subtle, barely noticeable. parting of
his lips. “it’s best to drop the act when you’re dealing with me.”

Word on the street was that Dexter’s influence in the nightlife scene was akin to a ruler in the




underworld, and once he spoke his mind, there was no turning back.

And it appeared to be true.

Sensing that things were about to get out of hand, the manager quickly said, “Mr. Russell, please give
her a chance. She’s young and new to all this. She chose to work here at our hotel. because her family
has a sick relative, and she needed the money…”


The manager attempted to excuse Ruby’s misconduct by highlighting her vulnerability.

Dexter glanced at him as if half-understanding. “Needs money, huh? I suppose so. I mean, what does a
college student know, right?”

The manager forced a smile. “Exactly…”

“But,” he suddenly changed his tone, “since you’re working here, it doesn’t matter if you’re a college
student or if you need money.”

Ruby’s heart sank.

Dexter raised his hand slightly, motioning to Larry. “Let the media know.”

Then, the Daily Wavery would feature the story of a college student’s downfall, enmeshed in a
corrupted lifestyle, delving deep into and investigating the syndicate.

Dexter wouldn’t even have to intervene personally. With a simple command, he could ruin a young
girl’s life.

Ruby crumbled to the ground, and Dexter didn’t spare her another glance as he stood. up and left,
glanced at the embarrassed-looking manager, and remarked, “Our hotel needs some serious cleanup,
or it will eventually tarnish my reputation.”

The manager took in a deep, unsettling breath.

Back at Mason Garden, it was already ten-thirty at night.

Yet, for a corporate high-ranking man like Dexter, returning home at ten-thirty at night. wasn’t
considered late; if anything, it was early.

Josie had fallen asleep, but she woke to the man’s breath and gentle embrace from behind. “Did I wake

She replied in a half-asleep, hoarse voice, “No, I’m a light sleeper.”

“Is everything resolved?”

“Mmm.” Dexter covered her with the blanket.

“All sorted now.”

“Mmm.” Dexter covered her with the blanket. “All taken care of now.”

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