That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 660

Heather Could Be Liana?

She recalled their conversation before, which made her blood boil with anger.

If Arnold were to come over, he wouldn’t be on her side.

Josie felt her head throbbing as she anticipated her encounter with Arnold. She didn’t know how to face


After fifteen minutes, the person in charge from the Carter Group arrived. It wasn’t Arnold but the
manager of the project. Josie realized that Arnold was never officially involved in overseeing the

Why did he even bother coming the last time?

The manager walked into the crowd and searched around. “Where is Ms. Warren?”

Everyone’s heads turned to look at Josie.

“Ah! We’reˇterribly sorry for the misunderstanding. Our workers were careless and caused you
distress.” The manager approached Josie and took her hands in his.

“Please don’t take this personally. We’ll work on improving our workers’ conduct.”

-Everyone at the scene was stunned.

Josie’s eyes narrowed at the manager’s theatrics. It left her surprised as well. “It seems like you were
aware that something was wrong with the materials used.”

“That’s not true! I was furious to learn that someone had tried to replace the materials of our concrete
with unauthorized materials. I’m so glad you were quick to spot it! Thank you!”

The manager didn’t relinquish Josie’s hand as he spoke contritely.

Josie raised her eyebrow dubiously at his actions. “It was my employee who noticed it.”


eyes widened in understanding, and he scurried to Angel and Jade.

“What’s your last name?”


“Mr. Haynes, I’m not sure if this matter is directly related to the company or if it was the construction.
team’s idea, but we will not allow you to use these materials. You cannot use them now and will not be
abl to use them in the future either.”

“Yes, I agree!” The manager immediately turned to the construction workers and barked at them. “Who
is behind this? How could you order the wrong materials? Do you think the Carter Group is broke, so
you couldn’t get the authorized materials? Don’t screw this project up!”

Will’s face turned red with embarrassment. He tried to say something, but his words died on his lips. He
finally threw up his hands in frustration.

“Ms. Warren, I will have someone change the materials right away. You can send someone to oversee
the process as well, the manager said with a lilt.

It was evident that Mr. Haynes was someone who was meticulous in his work.



Josie couldn’t find any fault with the way he handled the problem. “Alright, please inform Mr. Carter that
he shouldn’t take any shortcuts if he doesn’t want to end up in the same mess as the Russell Group.”

The things she said were a direct affront to Arnold, causing the muscles in Mr. Hayne’s face to tighten.
He forced a smile before continuing. “Mr. Carter instructed me to address this issue as soon as he
became aware of it. Please have faith in his character.”

His character? The way he flies off the handle at the drop of a hat? Josie’s face turned grim and
serious, and she didn’t say another word in response.

It seemed like he didn’t want to be around her, either.

Later that day, the previous materials were taken away, and new sets of authorized materials were


Josie kept an eye on them the whole day.

They did as they were told and didn’t make any slip-ups. However, this incident strained their
relationship. with the construction team, making it more challenging to collaborate with them in the

At the Russell Group.

After seeing Heather in Rivodia, Dexter’s mind was awash with conflicting emotions. He felt a sense of
dread as if he was being pulled back into the past.

After he saw Heather in Rivodia, his mind was reeling, and he felt an uneasy weight on his chest. He
felt like he still had something left to do.

“Mr. Russell, I ran a background check on Heather. She’s an orphan, so we can’t be certain that her
birthday was that day. It could just be a coincidence.”

“How can they be so alike? They both have a liking for white dresses and have the same birthday.
Even their personalities are similar.” Dexter didn’t want to admit it, but he had noticed many similarities
between them.

“So, you believe she could be Liana Olsen?”

Larry had heard that Dexter was constantly plagued with thoughts of Leanne; they were like a constant.
ache in the back of his mind, never quite going away.

“I’m not sure. We’ll need to get the Olsen family to find out the truth.”

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