That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 666

Spare Me, I’m Exhausted

After half a month of hard work, Carter Group completed the government project three days. ahead of

On the completion day, numerous government officials and Carter Group executives gathered for the
ribbon-cutting ceremony while Josie stood inconspicuously in a distant.


As she watched those people show off and act all fancy, Josie finally felt a sense of relief as the project
had concluded smoothly, without any mishaps.

With only ten days until the New Year, the studio decided to go on an early holiday.

Josie mostly stayed at Mason Garden, keeping her father company, and occasionally dropped by the
Russell Group to support Dexter while he worked.

Josie spent most of her time in Mason Garden, keeping her father company, and occasionally visited
the Russell Group to support Dexter while he worked.

Today, she feigned exhaustion and used it as an excuse to avoid preparing for the Russell Group’s
annual meeting.

Josie playfully said to Dexter, “I’m exhausted. Spare me, please.”

And Dexter smiled and indulgently rubbed her nose before letting her off the hook.

On the day of the annual meeting, she attended it alongside Dexter.

Even though they dressed modestly, their status naturally drew attention.

Many people came to offer toasts, and Josie confidently called out each person’s name as they
approached. She exuded the composure expected of Mrs. Russell, even when Dexter wasn’t by her

The emcee on stage was the most notable project owner from one of Russell Group’s investments this

Sporting an enchanting smile, she spoke with eloquence and


Sitting next to Josie in the front row, she suddenly added, “Guess what? Our project’s investor isn’t only
Mr. Russell but Mrs. Russell too. And on the launch day, he bought the first batch of products,
especially for her.”

Josie smiled knowingly, catching the full implication it meant that even Mr. Russell was treated as a
guest during their product launch.


The emcee’s choice of words was clever, subtly turning the tables on Russell Group at their very own

“Yes,” Josie took the microphone. She added, “when your husband first came to our house to discuss
the investment with Dex and me, I was already blown away by the project’s innovation. He spent half
an hour explaining the concept, and Dex took only a minute to sign and agree to invest.”

As Josie delivered her words, her polished manner and eloquence left a strong impression on everyone
present, and they exchanged subtle glances, recognizing her wit and skillful presentation.

With a skillful turn of phrase, Josie subtly implied that the emcee and her husband were eager to
promote the project. At the same time, Dexter’s quick decision to be on board. showcased their
enthusiasm. It was a shrewd move that clearly demonstrated who had the advantage.

The emcee reluctantly followed the crowd and joined in the applause, but her expression clearly
revealed her displeasure.

Rumor had it that Josie lacked influential connections and came from an ordinary. background, leading
some to believe she was easily influenced. Little did they know that Josie was like a rose with thorns a
gentle exterior hiding a fierce spirit. Prick her a little, and she’d prove her strength.

Shortly after, Dexter returned to stand beside Josie.

Having heard her speech and witnessed the room’s amazed reaction earlier, he couldn’t help. but feel
an immense sense of pride as he observed the woman he had mentored now basking in the spotlight.

Dexter felt reassured, knowing that Josie would stand up for him. They held hands, their understanding
of each other’s emotions flowing effortlessly without the need for extensive words.

The annual meeting hit its midpoint, and the music invited everyone to the dance floor. Amidst the
festive atmosphere, someone teasingly suggested that Mr. and Mrs. Russell share a dance. Blushing
slightly, Josie softly replied, “I don’t know how to dance…”

With numerous eyes on them, Dexter calmly held her hand and offered, “My wife isn’t

feeling comfortable dancing today. But if everyone’s willing, how about we present a musical piece

Josie glanced up, intrigued.

“Woohoo!” The crowd burst into applause.


Guiding her to the stage’s piano, Dexter heard Josie whisper, “Can you play the piano?”

She was completely unaware of his piano-playing ability.

Dexter gently squeezed her hand, “Moonlight Sonata, shall we?”

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