That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 656


Morgan’s phone lay untouched on the edge of the bathtub, the message from Josie still illuminated on
the screen. He had not saved her contact; the location in Wavery displayed on the screen was enough
for him to recognize the sender.

Laura, on the other hand, was puzzled by the unexpected message. An unsettling feeling crept over
her, like a whisper of foreboding that sent shivers down her spine. “Who is this?” she asked, seeking an

Morgan’s lips curved into a scornful smile, his demeanor now devoid of the compassionate psychiatrist
he had portrayed. “Does anyone else in this world care enough about you to make an effort to look for
you?” he retorted mockingly.

His façade as a gentle psychiatrist had dropped, and he had no desire to play the role of her savior. He
revealed his true colors without a shred of mercy.

The puzzle pieces fell into place as Laura’s mind connected the dots. Her voice quivered as she
confronted Morgan, “It’s… Josie! You know Josie!”

Memories surged through her like a tidal wave-Josie’s odd behavior whenever Morgan’s name was
mentioned, the advice he gave her to hinder Dexter’s search for Josie, and the countless times he
must have manipulated their interactions to serve his hidden agenda.

Morgan maintained a composed demeanor, not revealing any emotions, even with Laura’s accusations.

“So… you stayed in Wavery for Josie and approached me for Josie too…” The realization hit her like a
ton of bricks, and her body trembled uncontrollably. Laura had unknowingly become a pawn in his
elaborate game, a mere tool for him to manipulate and use to his advantage.

And Laura, a pawn in the scheme, had foolishly fallen in love with the mastermind behind it all.

“Why…” her voice quivered with disbelief and hurt.

Morgan’s grip on her tightened, pulling her closer, but the warmth of his embrace offered no solace.
“I’ve known Josie even before, Dexter,” he whispered softly, his breath brushing against her ear. “Do
you want to hear our story? It’s quite the romantic tale.”

Laura’s quivering intensified as his words washed over her, leaving her exposed and vulnerable.

In the bustling airport of Wavery, passengers bustled about, a mix of anticipation and reunions filling the
air. Among the crowd, Josie stood with eager eyes. She had obtained Dexter’s flight information from
Larry in advance, unable to bear the thought of waiting a moment longer.

Dexter’s surprise was evident in his eyes when he spotted her approaching him. Josie rushed towards
him and threw herself into his arms. He held her tightly, feeling an overwhelming sense of belonging.

“Why did you come?” Dexter inquired, his voice filled with curiosity and affection.

A smile tugged at the corners of her lips, and she looked up at him, her eyes shining with adoration. “I
told you, one day without seeing you feels like an eternity.”

Dexter’s lips curved as he helped her put on her mask. “Are you missing me or the shoes more?” he

eyes sparkling with mischief.


Josie raised her eyebrows in response, a playful glint in her eyes. “Have you brought back the shoes?”


His smile broadened, and he switched to holding her hand as they exited the airport together. “Wavery
has that brand too. Why insist on buying it in Rivonia?”

Josie’s expression softened, and she revealed the reason behind her desire for those shoes. “But they
won’t be the same. When I was little, whenever my father went out to work, he would bring me a small
gift when he returned. I would be so happy the entire day. When you bring me gifts from your business
trips, it makes me very happy too.”

Making a mental note of her words, Dexter vowed to remember the significance of those small gestures
that brought her joy.

As the car glided through the city streets, Josie couldn’t contain her excitement, eager to try on the new
shoes Dexter had brought for her. As she slipped the shoes on, she couldn’t help but admire how
perfectly they fit, the studs accentuating the elegant curves of her fair feet, the sparkle emanating from
the shoes mirroring the twinkle in her eyes.

Josie extended her slender leg, teasingly sliding her heel across Dexter’s thigh. “I really like them, Mr.
Russell. Do you like them too?” she said with a hint of coyness, fully aware of the effect her actions
would have on him.

Dexter’s throat bobbed as he found it hard to deny the allure of Josie’s sexy legs. His calm demeanor
wavered for a moment, a flicker of desire in his gaze. However, he quickly composed himself, rubbing
his forehead with a sense of restraint.

“Josie, we’re in the car,” he reminded her, his voice deep and husky.

Josie’s playful gaze landed on the soundproof glass, “They can’t hear us.”

Closing the distance between them, she pressed the heel of her shoe against a certain part of his body
with a teasing force, “Don’t you like it?” she purred, her voice laced with seduction.

His reaction was evident, and of course, he liked it. How could he not? Dexter’s temples throbbed with
a mix of excitement and restraint..

Unable to resist the woman’s temptation before him, he pulled her into his embrace. “Aren’t you a
temptress,” he whispered, his breath hot against her ear, his tone filled with desire.

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