That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 664

Alluring Temptress

The word ‘all’ felt somewhat elusive.

Josie snuggled in his arms, feeling a sense of relief and comfort. “I’m happy everything’s

sorted out.”

She intentionally left out the phone call issue because she knew once the text message was sent
successfully, Dexter would handle it.

“You won’t have to deal with situations like today again,” Dexter said gently, brushing the hair off her
face. “I’m sorry for putting you through that.”

Josie’s sleepiness gradually faded, and she playfully remarked, “So, did you hire a call girl today?”

The female workers at Mandarin Oriental Hotel were skilled and well-trained to captivate men. If Josie
were to be compared with them, she wouldn’t stand a chance. But fortunately, she didn’t need to.

Dexter chuckled softly, no longer as distant as he was a moment ago. “Moses grabbed the wrong
phone; it was just a misunderstanding. I didn’t hire any call girl.”

While looking at his chiseled face under the dimmed light, Josie’s finger traced his cheek, brimming
with affection. “And you won’t in the future, right?”

“I won’t.”

She smiled.

Two days later, Josie stumbled upon the aftermath of Dexter’s wrath on the front page of Daily Wavery
– a story of a college girl succumbing to temptation and money.

“What’s got you so engrossed in there?” A voice suddenly interrupted.

Josie glanced up in surprise as Laura sauntered into the office, rocking high heels and a dark green
fitted skirt that showcased her long legs, exuding the allure of a temptress even in the bone-chilling

Josie’s eyes sparkled. “I thought you were going to hand this studio over to me completely.”

Laura’s red lips curved into a playful smile as she nudged her. “You wish! I’ve invested a good chunk of
money in it.”

Josie looped her arm through Laura’s. “Where have you been lately? Did you leave Wavery or




With Laura being a tad taller, she lowered her head and picked up on the reliant expression on Josie’s
face. A hint of hesitation flickered in her eyes. “I went on a vacation for a few days. Staying cooped up
in Wavery all the time is just plain boring!”

“And you swung by the studio right after coming back?”

Laura beamed at her. “Devotion comes first.”

They both settled down, each with a cup of coffee before them.

“I heard you were pretty gutsy and walked into the site and stopped the Carter Group’s construction.
Did that actually happen?” Despite not being in Wavery, Laure seemed to be well-informed.

Josie had no defenses against her and answered honestly, “They were using shoddy materials, and I
had to stop them.”

“Come on, using different materials isn’t much of a big deal. You were so insistent on stopping them

Laura’s tone trailed off.

Josie furrowed her brow, “What do you mean ‘isn’t that big of a deal? When something goes. wrong, it
ruins lives. You know very well what happened with the Russell Group. How can you say it’s not a big

How could Laura lightly brush it off as if it weren’t a big deal?

Josie was getting upset, and Laura signaled for her to calm down. “That’s not what I meant. What I
meant was Carter Group is a competitor to the Russell Group. Wouldn’t it benefit Dexter if Carter
Group failed and got caught up in this matter?”

Laura had a point, and Josie understood where she was coming from.

Standing up, Josie walked to the floor-to-ceiling window. “I don’t want to prioritize our competition over
this. Besides, our studio is not a subsidiary of the Russell Group.”

In her heart, this studio had no ties or affiliation with anyone or any establishment.

Laura walked up and patted her shoulder. “Of course, I get what you mean. But you went all out to stop
it because of Arnold…”

They locked eyes, and she revised her wording, “…because of your compassion.”

Laura’s words struck a chord within Josie.

Despite Arnold’s offensive words, deep down, she didn’t want him to go down the wrong

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