That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 670

Something Had Happened!

“Dexter, you know we never signed a prenuptial agreement. If we divorce, you’re not subject to paying
me any alimony,” Josie said playfully, holding her face thoughtfully.

It was New Year’s, and Josie wanted to amuse him with her witty response. “You’re quite the expert at
calculations, aren’t you, Josie?” Dexter teased, looking at her with affection.

She gave him a playful doe-eyed look. “The Russell family’s legal team never loses. You can ask
them,” Dexter confidently stated, knowing they wouldn’t let her take a single penny.

“You seem disappointed. Do you really want a divorce?”

Dexter sealed her words with a kiss as if he couldn’t get enough of her.

Breathless from the kiss, Josie repeatedly shook her head, signaling she didn’t want a divorce.

In this gap. Dexter suddenly lost his focus for a moment. He remembered the divorce agreement he
had signed with Paul… Hopefully, that agreement will never be brought up.

As the day passed peacefully, the couple and Paul gathered at Russell Manor to celebrate the New
Year together.

Henry still appeared upset, evident from his expression. Still, with the cheerful atmosphere and many
people around, the anger eventually dissipated.

After the New Year’s Eve celebration, Josie hurried to the courtyard to play with fireworks. Dexter
joined her, looking at her dotingly as if Josie were his daughter.

Amidst the vibrant fireworks display, Dexter suddenly said, “I don’t think we should have a daughter

Josie looked confused. “Why? Are you against having daughters and only prefer sons?”

“I’m afraid if she looks too much like you. I won’t be able to let her go and might even stop her from
getting married in the future.”

Each word felt like a glimpse into the distant future, spanning over twenty years.

Josie blushed, tiptoed, and delicately brushed off the debris from the fireworks that had fallen onto his


Dexter could hear the rhythm of her heartbeat and instantly leaned forward, kissing her tenderly.

This kiss under the enchanting fireworks seemed to stretch on forever. Eventually, Josie was left
breathless and nestled her head in his arms.

She heard his hypnotizing hoarse voice saying, “Jo, our third year together is coming.”

Unbeknownst to them, two years had flown by, and Josie’s heart was pounding with excitement too.

Just then, Dexter’s phone in his pocket suddenly rang. She took it out for him, and it was an
anonymous number.

Dexter glanced at the phone before reaching out to answer it.



He turned slightly, leaving Josie puzzled. She had a feeling that he seemed to be under some


Anxiously, she approached him. “What’s going on?”

There was a strange cryptic look in his eyes, making it hard for her to discern.

Dexter gazed fondly at Josie, forcing a smile. The office has some last-minute matters to deal with.
Tonight, I may have to leave my lovely wife to sleep alone.”

Upon hearing that, Josie immediately breathed a sigh of relief. She thought something serious had
happened. “Alright, Mrs. Russell approves.”

Dexter leaned down and gave her a tight hug. “Wait for me to come back.”

“Be careful on the road.”

He entered the manor, explaining to his grandfather and Paul, who were watching TV, before stepping
away and turning back to catch a glimpse of Josic.

She stood under the colorful fireworks, looking radiant and full of life.

With a warm smile, she waved at him.

Only then did Dexter get into the car.

For some reason, Josie felt that he was acting strangely, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what
exactly seemed amiss.

She thought perhaps she was just being paranoid.

After Dexter left, Josie spent some time watching television with the elders. Suddenly, her phone rang.

It was Laura calling.

Without much thought, she answered, “Happy New Year, Laura!”

Laura spoke in a hushed voice, “Something bad happened!”

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