That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 669

The New Year’s Gift from Dexter

Picking up on the disgruntlement behind his words, Josie remarked, “Grandpa sounds upset.”

Dexter continued typing away on the keyboard, dealing with business matters. “Family ties run deep.
It’s normal for him to be upset.”

“Grandpa is already at the age of the heavenly mandáte. His children are also in their old age. He
probably doesn’t want to see this kind of situation happen in the family.” Josie carefully chose her
words as she poured him a glass of water.

“Nobody ever wished for this.” Dexter looked up. “Yanis should have known that this day would come
when he plotted against me with outsiders.”

He had always sought revenge for any harm done to him, especially when it was inflicted by a family.

Josie nodded.

“So, are we still returning to Russell Manor for New Year?”

Dexter’s fingers hovered over the keyboard, pausing for a moment. He then took the water glass from
her hand, gently placed it on the table, and reluctantly pulled her into his arms.


Josie curved her lips, sitting on his lap and running her fingers through his slightly prickly hair.



think I’m crude?” he mumbled, burying his head in her embrace and savoring her sweet scent.

“No,” Josie whispered. “you had a tough time in Spain, and I understand.”

“It’s not just that, Dexter carried on, saying, “if that incident hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t have come
to Spain with me, wouldn’t have had a car accident, and wouldn’t have begged Mark to help me. Jo,
you don’t need to burden yourself with those memories. I’ll remember them for you.”

In Dexter’s mind, Yanis and his accomplices were to blame, and he was determined to make them pay.

Upon hearing this, a warm feeling rushed through Josie’s heart. She might have endured hardships,
but she was never forgotten by him.

Wavery had an uncommonly snowless and warm winter with clear and calm weather this year. The
Russell family lived in peace, and on New Year’s Eve morning, Josie received two gifts: one from
Dexter and one from her father.

Paul slipped one thousand cash into an envelope and gave it to Josie. It felt substantial when she
touched it. Half-jokingly, she quipped, “Dad, please don’t tell me you’ve given me all your pension

Paul playfully flicked her forehead. Take it, and stop asking questions!”

Josie was delighted.

It had been ages since she received any special gifts, but this year she got two. It wasn’t just about the
gift but the feeling of being cared for that warmed her heart.

Next, she picked up the one from Dexter, which felt thin. Playfully dissatisfied, she teased, “Dad is so


generous. Why are you so stingy?”

Dexter chuckled, leaned in, and planted a kiss on her lips. “Open it and take a look.”

Curious, she tore open the envelope, finding a bank card inside.

Josie was taken aback.

“The pin number is our wedding anniversary, Dexter added.

Josie raised an eyebrow. “How much money did you load on it?”

“You and your money fixation. Well, go to the bank and check it yourself.”

Josie held onto him, and Dexter had no choice but to gesture the numbers-two and four.

She turned her head; twenty-four matched her age this year.

“Two thousand four?” she asked.

Dexter got up and left.

“Twenty-four thousand?” Josie held his hand and probed.

Dexter affectionately pinched her cheek.

She took a wilder guess, “It can’t be two hundred and forty thousand, can it?”

That would be the bonus for the two projects she completed!

The man sighed. “Two hundred and forty million.”

“Ah!” Josie exclaimed, utterly flabbergasted, “Why in the world would you give me so much money?”

“It’s a New Year’s gift from me.” Dexter stayed calm, gently patting her head. “The little girl is growing
up; she deserves a grand present.”

To him, this money wasn’t a significant sum. He always wanted to ensure Josie had something for
security in case of emergencies and when he was not around.

“It’s too much, Dex…” Josie still couldn’t believe it.

“Just take it.”

Dexter was undoubtedly wealthy. Josie couldn’t help but wonder about the extent of his personal
fortune. and how many more two hundred and forty millions he had in possession.

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