That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 671

Arnold Carter! You’re A Selfish Scumb*g!

“I just got word that the project handled by Carter Group company has completely fallen apart!” Josie’s
face turned pale at the news. “How is that even possible?”

The two elders looked worried.


“Today is New Year’s Eve, and very few people know about this yet. The police and are still in the dark,
but it did collapse. I’m not sure if anyone got hurt!” Laura quickly explained.

A chill ran down Josie’s spine. “This can’t be true! How could it collapse? I personally supervised all the

The fact that Laura received this information indicated that there was a source. “By tomorrow morning,
this news will be all over the place.”

After hanging up, Josie was still in shock. But regardless, she couldn’t ignore the situation. She stood
up and said, “Dad, Grandpa, I have an urgent matter at work. I need to go out for a while. You both
should rest early!”

“Ah! In such a hurry on New Year’s Eve?” Old Mr. Russell was also worried.

Josie didn’t have time to explain. Hastily changing her shoes, she grabbed the car keys and assured
them, “Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”

She rushed out, and the old man’s voice warning her to drive safely lingered in the background.

“Ah, young people are always busy with work these days.”

Old Mr. Russell resumed his seat, exchanging glances with Paul, “I hope everything’s alright…”

Josie randomly selected a car from the garage and headed straight to the construction site.
Fortunately, it was New Year’s Day, and the roads were relatively clear, allowing her to drive. smoothly.

However, she was sweating profusely while driving.

How could the building collapse?

Hopefully, there are no casualties, but if there are…

Josie couldn’t imagine the potential implications this might have on her studio. Once the news broke
tomorrow, it would undoubtedly be a massive setback.




As Josie arrived at the scene, she noticed a few people scattered around the construction site, all
wearing safety helmets with lighting equipment attached.

Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the central part of the site had collapsed, and the extent of the
damage appeared irreparable.

Her heart racing with anxiety and shock, she hurried to the scene and questioned, “What’s happening?
Are there people stuck under the debris?”

However, no one seemed to notice her, let alone respond to her desperate questions.

Growing frustrated, she turned to one of the workers wearing a safety helmet. She firmly gripped his
arm, pleading, “Please, you have to tell me what’s happening!”

The person was visibly nervous, perspiring profusely. “W-who are you…”

“I’m the project’s designer. Tell me, please!” Josie shouted, her anger rising.

The fear was evident on the person’s face, and he nervously wiped off the sweat, saying, “…I-I think
there are people down there, trapped…”

Josie’s heart sank.

Suddenly, a booming voice came from behind her, “Josie?! What in the world are you doing here?”

She turned her head and saw Arnold striding towards her furiously.

He, too, was wearing a safety helmet, his face flushed with


He reached out and grabbed her arm, trying to pull her


“What were you thinking coming here? You should’ve stayed home!” he scolded.

Josie pushed back against his grip, her hand instinctively striking him with a resounding slap.


The impact of the slap caused Arnold’s head to jerk to the side.

“I personally supervised the replacement of those materials. How could this happen?” Josie exclaimed,
her anger evident in her trembling voice. “Did you have a hand in this?”

Despite the slap reddening and burning his face, Arnold maintained a stoic demeanor.

Josie locked eyes with him, “The construction finished three days ahead of schedule. Something
seems off, doesn’t it?”




Arnold didn’t utter a word.

“You must have pushed the workers to work overtime secretly during the night, didn’t you?”

Arnold grabbed her arm, attempting to pull her away.

“Let’s discuss this outside. It’s not safe here.”

Josie broke free abruptly, striking him. “Arnold Carter! You’re a selfish s*umbag!”

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