That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 667

Beethoven’s famous piece was no stranger to Josie. She nodded confidently.

Seated side by side at the piano, their eyes met, and the captivating melody flowed from their fingers.
enchanting the entire audience. Despite never having rehearsed together, their four-handed duet
displayed an extraordinary level of harmony, as though they were one musician.

The sight of a handsome man and a beautiful woman sharing their musical talent was a sight to behold,
prompting many to capture the moment on video.

Following the performance, even Josie was pleasantly surprised by how flawlessly it unfolded. She
shared a knowing glance with Dexter, who looked at her with fondness and understanding.

“Tired?” he asked.

“A bit.”

“Then let’s go home.”

Hand in hand, they left the venue.

Shortly afterward, a video of their performance at the annual meeting went viral on social media,
becoming the talk of the town.

Though the video was a bit blurry, it displayed two people flawlessly playing the piano, looking
remarkably in sync.

Gone were the days of mocking Josie’s qualifications and doubting her as Dexter’s wife. Now, she was
recognized by everyone for her outstanding qualities, and she held the role with utmost confidence.

The streets were filled with festive cheer as the New Year was on the horizon. Sitting in the car, Josie
felt restless. She held on to Dexter, urging him to take a walk.

Unable to resist her, he helped her change into comfortable shoes and put on a coat before stepping
out of

the car.

“You know, having peaceful days like this felt like an unattainable fantasy, something I didn’t even dare
to dream of in the past,” Josie said, strolling alongside him, her arm wrapped around his.

“So, now that you’ve got everything you wanted, are you happy?” Dexter adjusted his pace to walk


“Definitely! My father has finally come around, my studio is doing well, and having you in my life makes
it all perfect.”

“Oh, so I’m ranked last?” Dexter teased with a grin.

Josie playfully held onto his arm, “No way! You’re my number one!”

“Being ranked the last doesn’t matter to me anyway, Dexter reached out and affectionately pinched her
cheek, noting she had gained some weight, which pleased him. “How about having a child next year?”

The question had an air of jest, but his gaze showed sincerity and yearning.

Josie stared at him and nodded happily, “Sure, let’s do it”




Dexter was pleasantly surprised by her enthusiastic response.

“We lost our child this year. I don’t know if he or she would be willing to come back to us again.”

The memory of the loss weighed heavily on Josie’s heart every time she thought about it.

Dexter held her close, his embrace comforting. “You’re perfect. Our child will come back to us soon.”



The moon hung high, casting a gentle glow on their path. Despite the happiness, Josie couldn’t shake
off a sense of impending danger.

At that moment, Larry, who had been discreetly following them, stepped forward and said, “Mr.
Russell.” He handed over a phone with an incoming call.

Dexter shot a warning glance at Larry. He didn’t want to take the call tonight, but knowing that if it
weren’t urgent, Larry wouldn’t have disrupted his time with Josie.

Josie understood and said, “You should take the call first.”

Dexter nodded, took the phone, and moved aside to answer the call.

Josie stood there, idly rubbing her arms, and an unfamiliar number popped up on her phone while she
waited. She answered hesitantly, “Hello?”

“Hi, Josie,” a voice tinged with resentment came from the other end.

She froze and remained silent.

“You played four-handed duets with another man with the piano skills I taught you.” It was a cautionary


He had seen the video.

Morgan sneered, “Did you think of me during the serenade?”

Josie closed her eyes and coldly replied, “No.”

“Hey, Josie.” It was a warning. He had seen the video, and his resentment was on the brink of spiraling
out of control.

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