That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 676

He Has Fallen in Love With Her

“Where is he?”

Amidst the tension, Arnold cracked a joke and said, “You finally admit he’s not at home.”

How shameless! Josie realized she had fallen for his cunning words. She was seething with anger and
yearned to break free from his hold.

Arnold firmly grasped her hand as they crossed the pedestrian crossing, approaching the pharmacy on
the other side.

“I will tell you everything after you treat my wound,” he said, tightly gripping her hand.

Josie was like a marionette, helplessly being led by Arnold.

He bought medicine and gauze, placing them before her, and commanded, “Tend to the


Anger thrummed through her veins as Josie grabbed a cotton swab to clean Arnold’s hand. Half-
expecting to wince in pain as the alcohol touched his skin, he bit his lower lips.

When Josie looked up, she saw Arnold frowning in silence. Disheartened, she became gentler while
tending to his wound and murmured, “Violent men reap what they sow.”

Arnold remained composed as she tended his wound and asked, “Are you in such a hurry today
because of me?”

Josie jerked a sharp breath and swallowed dryly as Laura asked a similar question. Josie quickly shook
it off and continued, “I helped you, thinking you’d return the favor for a clean slate. It’s a pity you can’t

appreciate it.”

“No one’s looking for a clean slate here,” Arnold’s voice was icy as he held her chin firmly, locking eyes
with her.

Josie’s breath was caught in her throat as she caught a whiff of his cold tobacco scent.

Suddenly, she curved her lips and burst into laughter as if something funny had been said.

Arnold furrowed his brows in confusion.

“Arnold, you couldn’t possibly be falling for me, could you? This is beyond the boundaries of friends or
foes. Can I take this as a confession?” Josie’s smile faded slightly as she spoke. She had hoped Arnold
would deny it and mock her for being self-centered instead.

An uncomfortable silence lingered in the air. Finally, he stared at Josie with cold, piercing



eyes and uttered, “Yes.”

Josie’s heart lurched.

“I helped you, and later I threatened to make you my lover, all because I fell in love with. you, Josie,”
Arnold announced. His muscles stiffened, and his heart was thudding at the back of his. throat as he
uttered those words.

“Isn’t it ridiculous? I’m in love with the plain and foolish Mrs. Russell.”

Josie stood frozen in place, avoiding his gaze. “I’m not in the mood for jokes,” she said dismissively.

“I’m not joking,” Arnold insisted as he forcefully turned her back to face him. “You should divorce

Josie scoffed at his command. “Are you out of your mind? I am and will remain Dexter’s wife. What
gives you the audacity to ask for a divorce? And even if I did, what about Summer?”

She realized the unyielding connection between the Olsen and Carter families.

you and

However, to her surprise, Arnold seemed to see a glimmer of hope in her words. He whispered in her
ear, “Divorcing her is just a matter of time. Someone like Summer cannot hold me back.”

His unwavering conviction surprised Josie. Those words were throbbing in her head. “You don’t have to
leave him,” Arnold murmured, lowering his head to plant icy lips on her fair neck, sending shivers down
her spine. He seemed utterly engrossed by the act as he whispered sweetly, “I can wait.”

She felt like she was going mad-insane!

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