That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 674

Happy New Year

Josie and Arnold strolled by the hospital’s security checkpoint.

Since it was New Year’s Day, the hospital buzzed with a festive atmosphere, trying to cope with a
challenging situation.

Arnold and Josie reached the ward entrance, where they saw everyone gathered around the TV with
meat loaves and candies on the table.

The three hospital beds were filled, and most of the patients lying on them were bald with pale faces.

Arnold stepped forward and went straight to the third bed. He grinned and said, “You must be Lucia.”

Josie followed closely.

Taken aback by the unexpected presence of a tall and handsome young man, Lucia promptly got to her
feet. “Yes, I am. And you are…”

“I am Will’s boss. The project has ended, so I came to wish him a Happy New Year.”

Arnold placed the gifts on the table.

The middle-aged woman bore the marks of life’s hardships, evident from the wrinkles on her smiling

“That’s very thoughtful of you to visit. Unfortunately, Will isn’t here right now. He should be back soon.”

Despite the cheerful ambiance, Josie felt deep sorrow, and tears welled up once more.

“Sir, please have a seat.” The boy lying on the bed kindly gestured to a chair.

He seemed to be about sixteen or seventeen, appearing frail and weak due to his illness. However,
warmth radiated from him when he smiled, showing no sign of decay.

“My dad will be back soon.”

Lucia was busy attending to Arnold and Josie. “You know, the hospital is very basic without proper
tools; they don’t even have decent tea. I apologize for the poor hospitality.”

“It’s fine. I’m not a tea drinker.” Arnold stopped her.


you come outside with me for a moment? I have something to ask you to convey to.





Considering the presence of the child, he spoke very tactfully.

Perceiving Arnold’s cryptic hint, the woman’s initially relaxed expression faltered momentarily.

She glanced at Josie, gleaning that something was amiss, and a flicker of panic crossed her face.

Arnold led the woman outside, and Josie chose to stay behind; the atmosphere was somber and harsh,
and she wished to spare herself any further distress.

Seeing that Josie had stayed back, the boy offered a handful of candies with a warm smile. “Happy
New Year, little missy. Help yourself to some candies.”

Despite the bitterness in her heart, Josie smiled and took one from the bunch. “Thank you.”

She gracefully took a seat. “How old are you this year?”

“After the New Year, I’ll be eighteen.”

In the prime of his youth, while other eighteen-year-olds were enjoying a cheerful New Year with their
families, he was stuck in this confined and melancholic hospital room.

“What an exciting age! I believe things will get better for you in the future.”

The boy seemed a bit downhearted. “Will it really get better? I don’t want to burden. my parents.”

Tears welled up in Josie’s eyes as she choked on the candy. She shook her head reassuringly. “It will
get better; trust me.”

To be terminally ill at such a vibrant age and losing his father, how could he bear it?

Josie couldn’t imagine the pain he endured..

As Josie left the ward, she couldn’t find Arnold. It wasn’t until she had walked a fair distance. that she
suddenly heard the sound of a woman sobbing. She turned and saw Lucia huddled in the dimly lit
corridor, crying uncontrollably.

Her collapse clearly indicated that she had already learned the devastating truth.

Standing beside her was the man, his face expressionless and his fingertips glowing crimson as he
chain-smoked one cigarette after another.

After a while, he finally broke the silence. “How much do you need? The Carter Group can cover it.”

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