That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 658

Mysterious Red Box

Josie exchanged glances with Dexter before facing her father. “I’ll take care of it. Just tell me



need,” she offered.

Paul stared at her quizzically. “Are you grounding me here? You’re really not letting me go anywhere?”
he asked, befuddled.

Josie nodded and explained, “The Mason Garden is large enough for you to explore for days. Pops,
you have to be content with what you have.”

Seeing his daughter’s cunning smile spread across her face, Paul jokingly asked Dexter, “Is that
something a daughter would say to her father?”

Dexter’s lips curved into a warm, gracious smile. He passed Josie a cup of milk and gestured for her to
finish it. “I’ll get Moses to send you back. Please take care.”

Josie’s heart started to race as she thought about the danger she had put herself into. I reckon Wyatt
wouldn’t hit me out of the blue, would he?


After Dexter left, Paul gave Josie a list of things he needed. In addition to his clothes, he also listed
many miscellaneous items.

Paul specifically emphasized one of the items on the list. “It’s a red box placed in the first drawer of the
wardrobe. You must bring it back.”

Josie looked at the list carefully. “What precious item did you put inside?”

With a loud thud, Paul knocked his walking stick on the ground, expressing his irritation. “It’s my private

“Oh? There must be money inside.”


Josie stopped teasing him after that.

She felt a strong sense of familiarity when she arrived at their old home. Everything looked exactly the
same as she had remembered it. It also didn’t seem like anyone had been inside the house. She went
to the wardrobe and opened the door, revealing a red box inside.

She wanted to open the box as soon as she saw it. She was curious about the contents and why Paul
had been so secretive about it.

“Moses, it should be fine to take a tiny peek, right?” Josie hugged the box in her arms, hoping that
Moses would approve.

Moses pursed his lips into a thin line and answered, “Why would it be an issue?”

Josie shook her head. “Pops will be mad.”

“Alright, then just leave it.”

“Pift,” Josie scoffed. That wasn’t the answer she anticipated. “I’m itching to know what’s inside.”

Moses was rendered speechless by her hesitancy.

“I don’t care anymore. I’m opening it.” Josie couldn’t hold back her curiosity, so she rubbed her hands.
together and carefully opened the red box.

There were Paul’s medical reports and other documents inside. Josie skimmed through them but didn’t
notice anything out of the ordinary.

She also found a stash of cash, but it only amounted to four hundred.

Underneath the cash was an old album. The brown spotted pages crinkled under her touch. Inside the
album were pictures dating back to when she was in middle school, which was around the time they
got their first camera. There were not only pictures of her but also pictures of Justin and Jenny.

Josie started reminiscing about her younger days as she looked at the pictures.

Suddenly, she noticed that there was also a medical license inside the pile of documents.

She froze in surprise. It had her father’s photo when he was young, and his name, Paul Warren, was
etched on it.

“Pops was a doctor in the past…” Josie had no recollection of her father being a doctor. From what she
could remember, Paul had never had a stable job. He had been working multiple jobs to keep the
family. afloat.

He was a doctor!

Josie’s forehead creased in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that Paul had never told her this before.
Who knew he was this skilled?

Below everything was a very thick document. Josie was eager to look through the contents, but her


Moses passed her the phone, and she saw it was Angel calling.

Josie regained her composure immediately. She had told Angel that she could reach out to her if there
were any issues she couldn’t resolve.

“Hello,” Josie greeted, taking the call and holding the box.

“Jo, there’s a problem,” Angel said, her voice betraying urgency. “Jade and I saw that they were using
unauthorized materials for the concrete at the construction site. I tried to explain that we can’t use
unauthorized materials, but they wouldn’t listen and said that we were interfering with their job.”

Josie felt a surge of anxiety welling up inside her. “Are you sure?” she asked, her voice trembling.

“Yes, we are very sure,” Angel answered, her voice firm. “They were using unauthorized materials.”

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