That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 682


Josie did not sleep well all night.

The following morning, she heard a car being started and opened her eyes immediately. Then, she
quickly changed her clothes and put on a hat and sunglasses before leaving Mason Garden to hail a

She tailed Dexter’s car as before. Thankfully, the taxi driver did not ask her any questions.

While traveling, Josie turned on her phone to check the day’s headlines. There was nothing special,
only unimportant news related to New Year.

Moreover, as Arnold said, there was no news about Carter Group’s construction incident.

At the same time, the news also did not cover Liana’s return to the Olsen family. That’s strange. This
should be significant news. Mark and Claudia should have been elated and wanted to spread the good
news. Why didn’t the news cover it at all?

It was so quiet that Josie could not help but feel suspicious.

Dexter went to Heaven on Earth, a place Calvin owned. The place was tranquil in the morning. There
was hardly anyone around except the staff.

Josie parked the car far away and took off her sunglasses. Dexter did not go in but stood. waiting
outside. Soon, a car appeared, bringing Henry from Russell Mansion.

Henry walked unstably and needed support as he walked. Dexter took over helping Henry from the
servants and guided him into Heaven on Earth.

Josie’s frown deepened. She could not understand what was going on. Henry was ill and weak. due to
his age and rarely left Russell Mansion. Yet, he rushed to Heaven on Earth to meet Dexter.

Why is he here?

Dexter chose Heaven on Earth due to its secrecy.

Who are they meeting?

Josie did not want to continue investigating because such speculation damages a married couple’s
relationship. However, she could not stop now that things had come to this.

One of the attendants recognized Josie. “Mrs. Russell? Are you…”

She smiled and shushed him. “I’m not here as Mrs. Russell today. Instead, I’m here to meet a





client. Can you arrange a room for me?”

The attendant nodded. “Sure.”

Josie feared meeting someone she knew as she waited. She lowered her hat over her face, terrified
that Dexter would see her.

She looked up without thinking and accidentally met the gaze of a woman walking downstairs. The
woman’s face looked ordinary, but she flaunted an alluring figure in a tight fitting red dress.

“Mallory?” Josie whispered.

Mallory smiled and stepped forward. “I did not expect to bump into you here.”

The attendant greeted Mallory as if she was in charge of the place.

Josie smiled. “Happy New Year, Mallory. It seems like you secured your position here.”

Mallory took the request note from the attendant and instantly understood what Josie wanted. “Please
follow me.”

“It’s nothing special. I’m only earning a living under a man’s authority.”

Mallory led Josie along a corridor full of green plants.

Josie glanced around. She did not expect Heaven on Earth to have such a scenic area at the back.

“This area is only accessible to VIP guests. We don’t simply allow anyone in, no matter how much
money they offer,” Mallory glanced at Josie and explained. Josie saw beautiful greeneries no matter
where she looked.

“Seems like I’m a VIP guest.”

Mallory opened a door, revealing a spacious, intricately decorated room. “I believe you can achieve
your goal using this room.”

Although Mallory arranged everything discreetly, Josie could not resist pursing her lips. “I’m sorry,
Mallory. I’m not here to meet a client.”

Mallory arched her eyebrows and chuckled, “I wouldn’t have brought you here if you were only meeting

Josie was confused.

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