That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 677

Lianne Has Been Found

The sensation of his kisses lingered, and a wave of fury surged through her.

Her heart was thundering as she forcefully pushed Arnold away and gasped for air. “I don’t want to
hear any of this. Where is Dexter?” she demanded.

He noticed a glint of distress in her


As Arnold remained silent, Josie quickly dialed Dexter’s number. The phone rang for forty- six seconds,
yet there was no response.

Why isn’t he picking up the phone?

Josie was persistent and dialed again. After a few rings, Arnold interrupted, “Forget about it. He won’t
answer your call tonight.”

Her brows furrowed as fear coiled in her stomach. Reluctant to believe, she demanded, “What do you
know? Has something happened to him? Speak up, Arnold!”

With his back against the wall, Arnold squinted as the glaring lights in the pharmacy stung his eyes. He
closed them briefly before speaking, “Don’t you know? Lianne has been found.”

The slow and deliberate words froze Josie on the spot, and her heart went cold. “What?” Her voice was
barely audible.

“Lianne has been found. Tonight, on New Year’s Eve, she was brought back to the Olsen. family for the
New Year. They are welcoming her home.”

There was a tinge of mockery in Arnold. Josie opened her mouth to respond, but no words. came out.
She was at a loss for what to say.

Was the call Dexter received a while ago about this matter? Did he leave her behind to meet Lianne as
soon as he found out?

She could hardly believe it; Lianne had come back.

She had hoped that Lianne was alive and back, but only if she was certain of Dexter’s love for her.
Even if Lianne returned, she remained confident in their relationship’s strength, forged through
countless trials and tribulations.

But now she was back.

An impending doom slowly crept in.

Lianne had always been someone special to Dexter. But now, uncertainty loomed over Josie.




Would Dexter choose Lianne over her in the future? She felt her confidence faltered.

Arnold taunted Josie, “Surprised?” Her face turned pale as the blood drained out of her face. “You and
Dexter aren’t as strong as you believed.”

Josie retorted bitterly, “Don’t act like you know me so well.”

“Isn’t it true? He went to the Olsen’s house tonight, and you didn’t know, did you? He doesn’t even trust
you enough to share this,” Arnold taunted.

Once again, Josie felt a stab in her heart and clenched her fists. “This is between us, and you’re
meddling too much.”

She strode away from the pharmacy. There weren’t many cars on the road, and her car remained
parked at the construction site. She had no choice but to walk as the cold wind. blew against her face.

Josie couldn’t find the courage to make a third call to Dexter. She feared it might interrupt. his reunion
with Lianne.

Before Lianne’s return, everything was mere speculation. Now that she was back, it shattered. Josie’s
assumptions and left her powerless.

In the distance, the sound of a car horn blared. It was Arnold catching up in his vehicle. He rolled down
the window and said, “Mason Garden is 30 kilometers away. Save your energy and hop in.”

Josie ignored him and insisted on walking.

The car screeched to a halt. Arnold walked up to Josie, lifted her, and shoved her into the car.

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