That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 662

The New Girl

The unexpected question caught everyone off guard.

Feeling humiliated and anxious, she hesitated for a moment before visibly flustering. “I’m his
companion. he booked for the night!”

Companion? The word invoked various possibilities. Josie nodded slightly, “Oh, he’s booked a
companion? I must have missed that part…”

The woman on the other end responded smugly, “Hasn’t anyone ever called you dumb, Mrs. Russell?”

“Hmm… you sound like the smarty pants here.” Josie retorted before promptly ending the call.

Two minutes later, Larry received a message on his phone, ‘Can you get someone to check on Mr.
Russell’s phone?”

Larry was left perplexed, having endured a lengthy negotiation meeting only to be bombarded with an
ambiguous message.

He showed his phone to Dexter, saying, “It’s a message from Mrs. Russell.”

Furrowing his brow, Dexter powered on the phone Moses recently delivered and was taken aback to
find a

woman’s screensaver.

At that moment, everything clicked, and Dexter came to a supposition.

He had waited eagerly for Josie’s call all night, but it never came. It turned out that the phone he held
wasn’t even his own.

Ten minutes later, the second floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, typically bustling with servers and
guests, was now shrouded in an eerie silence.

Upon hearing the situation, the manager hurriedly arrived and almost peed in his pants, “What’s

“One of the new girls here provoked Mrs. Russell….

“What? How ignorant! How many lives does she think she has to dare provoke Mrs. Russell… She’s
practically asking for trouble!” The manager exclaimed angrily..

Dexter, the founder of Mandarin Oriental Hotel, had gradually distanced himself from its day-to-day
management in recent years. However, it remained the most profitable company in the entire Wavery
underworld. Its influence was respected and feared by both the realms of organized crime and politics.

If Dexter ever decided to cancel someone, it would spell their ultimate downfall.

Meanwhile, Dexter lounged on the sofa, idly tinkering with his phone. Equipped with an automatic -
recording function, he pressed a button to replay the previous conversation.

After listening to it once, Dexter rewound and listened to it again.

“What? Don’t you know? Even at this hour, Mr. Russell is still hard at work, handling important matters.
If I were you, I wouldn’t disturb him right now. You know how men can be-they easily grow weary of
things and women. If you want to maintain your status as Mrs. Russell for longer, you must be
submissive and heed the advice. Do you understand?”



The entire conversation played out for a grueling ten minutes, leaving everyone in the room holding
their breath, paralyzed with fear.

“Hasn’t anyone ever called you dumb, Mrs. Russell?”

Dexter listened to this segment three times in a row.

Even Larry couldn’t help but feel a surge of nervousness.

One must know that Dexter wasn’t one to look for trouble actively; most of the time, he couldn’t be
bothered. However, if he intentionally made someone’s life difficult, that person wouldn’t be in for a


“Who was it that answered my wife’s call just now?”

Dexter pocketed his phone, his countenance turning increasingly ominous.

A heavy silence descended upon the room as no one dared to utter a single word.

Dexter maintained his composure and asked again because no one owned up to the mistake,

Finally, a woman cautiously stepped out from the crowd. Her drunkenness had subsided, yet she still
stuttered as she answered, “It…It was… me…”

Larry carefully sized her up. The girl was undeniably young, attractive, and exuded confidence
bordering. on arrogance, but all that dimmed in the face of Dexter’s commanding presence.

Dexter gave her a quick once-over and inquired, “So, what’s your name?”

“…Mr. Russell, her name is Ruby Snitch, our newly hired waitress. The manager stammered.

Dexter cast another glance at her. “Ah, Ruby Snitch, the ‘bitch’ with a snappy stitch.”

The manager was momentarily stunned, unsure if he should join in or maintain a professional

“How old are you?”

“She had just turned twenty.”

“Is she your girlfriend?” Dexter suddenly posed a startling question to the manager.

“Huh? No, no, not at all, Mr. Russell! I’m not… I mean, you’ve misunderstood… The manager felt a
wave of anxiety, sweating profusely.

“Then why are you sticking your nose in this waitress’ business, answering for her mistakes?”

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