That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 665

The Indulgence of the Companion

“You’ve seen how much he’s helped me firsthand. At the very least, I don’t want his project to fail under
my watch,” Josie explained.

Laura flashed a gentle smile. “Josie, you’re such a sincere person, but sincerity doesn’t seem to carry
much weight in this industry.”

Josie smiled back. “I don’t mind. As long as I’m true to my conscience, that’s enough.”

“Are you not worried that Dexter will be upset if he finds out? This could be the perfect. opportunity to
bring down the Carter family once and for all,” Laura pointed out.

“He won’t,” Josie quickly responded, addressing the doubt. “and I don’t think he’d want to achieve
victory at the cost of bloodshed.”

Laura neither agreed nor disagreed, and her gaze suddenly shifted to the high heels on Josie’s feet. “I
remember these shoes were sold out in Wavery. Where did you get them?”

Josie followed her gaze, “In Rivodia. He brought them back for me when he was on a business trip.”

Her words carried a deep affection from someone who held a special place in her heart.

Laura’s smile slightly faded at the mention of Rivodia, “It’s a nice place. I’ve been there. during my

Unexpectedly, Josie asked, “How was it?”

“Unfortunately, it rained for a few days, which made it a bit disheartening,” Laura replied.

Josie seemed to grasp Laura’s sentiment, but not entirely.

When thinking about the place, Laura still felt a lingering pain in her heart.

As they had grown close and became confidantes, Josie probed, “Will you still be meeting Zach?”

Hearing Zach’s name, Laura showed immediate disdain, “Yes, we haven’t divorced yet, and I came
back just to see him.”

Josie offered emotional support, holding her hand and feeling her sorrow.

Laura shrugged as if to dismiss her feelings, “He has already made a blunder. He can’t afford. another
public scandal unless he doesn’t want to inherit the Olsen’s fortune.”




Josie felt puzzled, sensing that Laura’s mind seemed scattered, like pieces of a puzzle she couldn’t
quite piece together.

Before she could inquire further, Laura suddenly said, “Guess who I saw in Rivodia?”


“It’s Morgan Bastille.”

The name made Josie visibly stiffen.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you know him? He’s the psychologist you introduced me to,” Laura said, catching
Josie’s somewhat shocking reaction.

“Oh, really? What about him?” Josie tried to act nonchalant as she turned around, picked up her coffee,
and took small sips.

“I just found out he’s the eldest son of the Bastille family in Rivodia and is set to inherit the family

“Where did you hear that?”

“Don’t you know? I thought you two were friends?” Laura answered without directly. addressing the
question, trying to uncover their history from Josie’s uneasy response.

Regarding Morgan, he was someone Josie never wanted to confront or acknowledge his existence, let
alone have anything to do with him.

“We were college classmates, but I don’t know him well.”

Laura could easily discern the stark contrast in their reactions.

Josie’s attempt to distance herself from Morgan was apparent, especially compared to his suggestive
gaze and tone while mentioning her.

“He’s not my psychologist anymore. He’s now the heir of the Bastille family. And, honestly, it feels
weird,” Laura said.

“Since he’s back in Rivodia, it’s probably best not to see him again,” Josie advised.

Laura remained emotionless behind her, lost in her thoughts as she mumbled, “I think so too.”

The somber rain in Rivodia seemed to envelop her in a sentimental haze, and the man’s indifferent
voice echoed in her ears, “Laura, you said I’m your medicine. Don’t you think you should offer
something in return to deserve me?”

She shuddered in the rain. “What do you want?”

“Nothing much,” he beamed,“Just everything about Wavery.”)

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