That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 668

But You Left First

“I already said no.”

Josie felt no obligations toward Morgan in any way, “You left first, so you have no right to question me.”

There was a moment of silence on the other end, and only heavy breathing could be heard.

After a while, Josie was finally released from Dexter’s grip, which had now turned cold.

She grew impatient and said, “There’s nothing left for us to talk about. Bye.”

Josie was quick and decisive, but she caught on to Morgan’s last words before hanging up, “Does
Dexter know that I’m the one who taught you to play the piano?”

She observed Dexter standing tall in the chilly wind, still bogged down with the phone call.

Dexter had no inkling of the situation, and she wondered how furious he would be if he learned the

She walked up to him and heard Dexter say to the other end of the phone, “Keep an eye on it, and
make sure there are no mistakes.”

As the call ended, he turned around, and his cold expression hadn’t yet softened when he met Josie’s
innocent face. Both froze for a moment.

Josie was equally taken aback. Her prepared words momentarily choked up, “What’s going on? You
look upset.”

Dexter lowered his eyes, his tone visibly softened, “Just some petty company matters.”

Josie was perplexed but slightly nodded, choosing not to press the issue.

Dexter pulled her closer. She glanced at him, wanting to say something but hesitated, “Dex…”

“Hmm?” He waited expectantly for Josie to express herself.

However, observing Dexter’s continued sullen demeanor, Josie deduced that he must be under
immense work pressure. Suppressing her urge, she shook her head and said, “It’s okay. It’s getting too
chilly out here; let’s head home.”

Dexter let it slide.

Josie made a mental note to explain everything to Dexter when the right opportunity arose.

As the New Year drew near, Paul grew restless at Mason Garden and expressed his desire to go for a
walk. Josie had to accompany him to the supermarket to buy ingredients for the upcoming celebration.

With some free time, Paul seemed more relaxed. “Will Mr. Russell’s grandfather join us on New Year’s

“Of course,” Josie replied, then hesitated. “but given his old age and frailty, I thought it would be more
comfortable to celebrate the New Year at the Russell Manor. How does that sound, Dad?”

“That sounds good to me,” Paul agreed.

Josie teased him, “You’re the most accommodating and open-minded dad ever!”



“What’s so funny about that? Don’t you think so?” Paul chuckled, and they both shared a laugh.

Amidst the cheerful atmosphere, Josie brought up a more serious topic, “Dad, were you a doctor

At this question, Paul’s expression suddenly turned solemn. “Did you peek into the box I kept, Josie?!”

She raised her hands in surrender. “I just opened it and took a quick look and happened to see your
medical license.”

Paul playfully pointed his finger at her, testing her, “Oh, just a quick look?”

Josie’s gaze wandered. “I also saw a few thousand dollars in there…

Josie looked guilty but wasn’t angry at all. She probably didn’t see what was at the bottom, which
seemed. to ease Paul’s frowning expression. “That’s my pension money, don’t even think about
stealing it.”

Josie laughed, “Who wants your money? But you still haven’t answered me. Were you a doctor

Regarding this question, Paul clearly didn’t want to say much. “Huh? It happened so long ago… I can’t
seem to recall anything about it.”

“How could you forget? This…”

Paul suddenly picked up his pace, appearing to be avoiding the topic. “Why would I joke about this?
Mentioning it gives me a headache. Let’s not talk about it anymore.”

Josie had no choice but to fall silent, frowning at the old man’s fading figure, feeling somewhat helpless
as she thought he was acting like a child.

The Russell family was grand, but Dexter had no plans to participate in the ancestral rites this year.

After all, they were about to send Yanis in, and it would be too awkward to meet now.

Old Mr. Russell had no objections. “I’m old; it’s up to you to decide for the Russell family now. Whatever
you say goes.”

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