That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 680

DNA Test

The taxi driver glanced at Josie strangely. “Miss, are you blackmailing someone or catching a cheating

This was a high-end area. The taxi driver had picked up many passengers from this place and heard
many strange requests.

Josie did not have time to explain. “Just follow that car.

“All right then.” The driver was highly experienced. He stepped on the accelerator and steered the car
to tail Dexter’s Porsche. What was even more impressive was that he drove. the SUV as if it was a

Since Josie did not use her car, Dexter did not realize someone was tailing him.

However, Josie’s suspicion grew as they traveled. It became apparent that Dexter was not heading to
Russell Mansion.

After some time, his Porsche suddenly stopped and picked up someone by the road. Josie frowned
and recognized that the person was Larry. He held a document envelope and leaned. toward Dexter to
say something.

Dexter drove away after taking the envelope.

Josie was puzzled. She could not figure out what document it was that Dexter had to pick it up himself.

As the taxi moved past Larry, Josie bent down to conceal herself. She realized she was still in her
pajamas. She had only worn a jacket over it as she rushed out of the house.

I do look like I’m catching a cheating partner….

Strangely, Dexter did not meet with anyone else but traveled with the document to an institution. Josie
looked at it from afar and saw it was an institution for DNA testing.

What is he testing?

She instructed the taxi to stop at a distance. Then, she saw Dexter leave the car and enter the
institution, holding the document.

Once he entered, she finally dared to get out of the taxi. “Wait here for me.”

However, the driver was reluctant. “Miss, it… will cost more.”

“I’ll pay you double.”






Josie sneaked into the institution, but the receptionist stopped her. “Greetings. Do you have an

Josie looked up slightly and was stumped. “An appointment?”

The receptionist looked at her and replied politely, “We’re a private institution, and we can’t let anyone
in without a prior appointment.”

That’s strict. No wonder Dexter chose this place.

Josie had a sudden idea. “How fast can I get the test results?”

“It will usually be ready in one or two hours.”

Two hours… I only have to wait and see if Dexter comes out in two hours…

“Sorry, I’m waiting for someone.”

Josie found a corner and sat down, waiting for two hours. While waiting, she wondered if Dexter had
come here to get DNA tests for Liana and the Olsen family.

Dexter met with Liana after her return. He must have suspected something and thought to get a test to
confirm it.

Josie kept track of the time. When it was time for Dexter to come out, she left the institute in advance
and hid behind the door to observe secretly.

“Mr. Russell, let’s meet up somewhere else next time. I’ll have to head back. Have a nice day.” A man
in a white lab coat shook Dexter’s hand.

Dexter nodded. He was holding a different document envelope from before.

Josie stealthily returned to the taxi and watched Dexter through the window.

He stood on the steps and read through the document. He seemed to have prepared himself for the
result. His expression appeared conflicted. It seemed he could not accept what he read.

Josie watched him take a deep breath and return to the car.

The driver observed her expression and asked softly, “Does your husband have an illegitimate child?”

Josie almost had a breakdown. “Mister, can you focus on driving and stop being a busybody.”

Dexter left the institute and headed toward Russell Mansion. He was finally bringing Paul to Mason

Josie realized he was driving uphill and could not trail him anymore. She knew how astute he was and
how he could easily catch her.

“Bring me back to Mason Garden.”

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