That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 678


Arnold pressed Josie into the front passenger seat and put on the seatbelt for her.

She ceased struggling and appeared to have given up.

Arnold drove the car along the empty street and did not speak to her. He did not stop until the car
arrived near Mason Garden.

Still, he did not unlock the door but said, “Believe me when I say that the headlines for the next few
days will not be about the construction issue but about the Olsen family finding their beloved long-lost

Josie believed him. Still, she did not respond but stared ahead blankly.

She did not doubt that Arnold could suppress the news about the construction failure. Furthermore,
information about Liana’s return to the Olsen family would shock the nation.

After all, everyone knew the Olsen family had been searching for her for more than ten years. Now that
they finally found her, the media was eager to cover the news extensively.

Arnold turned to Josie. “I will ask someone to bring your car here tomorrow.”

Then, he unlocked the car door.

Josie did not respond. She unfastened the seatbelt and entered Mason Garden.

It was late, so no one was in the villa except a dozing-off servant. She was astonished to see Josie
dejectedly entering the villa and blinked a few times to ensure it was not a dream. Then, she said, “Mrs.
Russell… Why are you back at this hour? I thought you were staying the night in Russell Mansion.”

Josie was exhausted and did not feel like explaining. The servant knew not to press further and kept
quiet as she watched Josie walk away.

Too many things had happened tonight, and each matter stretched the limit of her endurance. Having
to experience them all at once left her physically and mentally exhausted.

All she wanted was a good night’s sleep. However, she lay on the cold bed wide awake, unable to
sleep a wink.

If not for the occasional sound of fireworks outside, she would have forgotten that it was New Year.

She gathered the courage to check her phone, but there were no notifications. Dexter did not call back
or send a message.

She could not help but wonder what he was doing.

Is he with Liana?

They must have many things to talk about.

The thought sent a stab to her heart. She curled up her body and covered her ears in despair, trying to
stop herself from speculating further.

No, Dexter is not like that.

Josie, you should trust him.

She kept telling herself this and finally fell asleep after much difficulty. However, she had a nightmare.

Josie dreamed she was talking with Will, but Will suddenly turned into a corpse lying on a pile of ruins.
She ran away in panic, only to see Dexter and an unknown woman embracing. They seemed intimate,
like a real married couple.

Josie could not stand watching them and screamed as she awoke from the dream. Her clothes. were
drenched with sweat.

Then, she glanced outside and saw it was almost dawn.

A servant knocked on the door. “Are you okay, Mrs. Russell? Should I come in?”

Josie’s lips were dry. She mumbled, “No.”

She did not dare to fall asleep again. Instead, she curled up in bed and waited quietly for daylight.

Three hours later, when the sky was bright, Josie heard the noises of a car coming to the villa. It was
Arnold’s staff bringing her car back. She listened to the servant talking to the

person briefly.

Around another half an hour later, she heard noises of a Porsche coming into the yard and parked
there. A servant greeted, “Mr. Russell, you’re back.”

Although the noises came from downstairs, they felt like they came from another world.

Josie listened and heard Dexter enter the villa. He came upstairs and carefully turned the doorknob. It
seemed he was afraid of waking her.

Once he entered, he walked stealthily to the bed and lifted the blanket to look at Josie.

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