That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 679

Dexter Was Out All Night

When Dexter came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, he was surprised to see Josie seated at
the corner of the bed. “Why not sleep a bit more?”

Josie hugged her knees and looked at him. “I can’t sleep anymore. Why were you out the whole night?”

Josie’s eyes flickered with expectation as she asked this question. She hoped Dexter would answer

Dexter looked down and dried his hair with a towel. “I had to deal with something complicated. It took
more time than expected.”

He avoided her gaze as he answered.

Josie’s heart sank. Still, she did not show emotion as she replied, “It must have been severe. since you
had to deal with it on New Year’s Eve.”

Dexter did not notice anything strange with her words. Instead, he recalled something. “When I
returned to Russell Mansion this morning, Grandpa said you left last night and never returned. Did
something happen?”

His inquiry sounded flat and emotionless. Josie tried to detect concern from his tone but could not hear

“I had to amend an urgent design.”

Dexter did not find an issue with her excuse. Perhaps he was too tired.

“It’s not safe going out that late. Try not to do that again.” Dexter frowned slightly and towel down.

“Sure.” Josie stepped forward and did not talk about him being out all night again.



Dexter embraced her from behind and basked briefly in her warmth before saying, “You called me twice
yesterday. What’s wrong?”

He returned her call this morning, but no one answered. Then, he called Mason Garden and was told
she had returned.

Dexter seemed exhausted. Josie sensed a heaviness in his tone despite his attempt to conceal


“I wanted to ask when you would be home, but you didn’t answer.” Jose squeezed out a smile and
glossed over the matter.






“I was busy…”

Dexter tightened his embrace, but Josie felt he did it out of guilt.

She recalled what Arnold said.

He said she and Dexter did not trust each other.

Dexter needed sleep and lay in bed. At the same time, he wrapped his arms around her waist. and
would not let go. “Stay with me.”

His clinginess moved her compassion. She took a deep breath and said tentatively, “Dexter, we are
husband and wife. I’ve been honest with you. Will you also be honest with me?”

She suddenly stopped feeling his warm breath on the back of her neck. It seemed he was surprised by
her question, but he soon answered, “Of course.”

“You won’t lie to me, right?”

Dexter sensed something was wrong. He opened his bloodshot eyes and moved her to face him. “Why
do you suddenly ask these questions?”

His behavior seemed so natural that Josie was relieved. She began to suspect the truthfulness of
Arnold’s words.

She shook her head and replied, “It’s nothing. I was thinking about New Year’s resolution.”

Dexter tightened his embrace.

Josie fell asleep until the afternoon and woke up to find him missing.

She ran barefoot out of the bedroom and glanced downstairs. Coincidentally, Dexter stood at the door
and was about to head out. He looked up upon hearing noises and frowned. “Put on your shoes.”

But Josie did not move from her spot. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to pick up your father. Have you forgotten?” Dexter replied teasingly.

Josie nodded. She had indeed forgotten about the matter. “Can you bring me dessert from Kodille on
your way back? I’m craving its strawberry cake.”

Dexter smiled and grabbed his car keys. “Sure. Go wear your shoes now.”

Then, he walked out and started the car. Josie returned to her room and remembered Russell Mansion
and Mason Garden had chauffeurs. Why is Dexter picking Pop up on his own?

bet head and felt it was not right to be suspicious of him. However, she could not stop the seed of
suspicion from sprouting in her heart

The more she thought about it, the more he found the matter strange. Ultimately, she could not stand
her doubt and rushed out of Mason Garden after Dexter’s car left. Then, she hailed a taxi and said.
“Can you follow that Porschel

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