That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 687 Dexter’s Fury

“It must have been the mosquitoes.”

Dexter glanced at her neck for a few seconds before standing up. Josie panicked as she watched him
walk away. She feared he would discover something.

However, all he did was get a first aid box and search through it for an ointment.

Josie leaned down slightly, allowing him to rub some ointment on her neck with his fingers. gently.
“Have you finished dealing with the matter at the studio?”

There was nothing for her to do in the first place, but she played along and replied, “Yes, it’s done.”

“I’m thinking of spending the afternoon with you.” Dexter noticed strands of her hair were. split. It
seemed someone had pulled on them. The knowledge ignited the anger within him.

Josie took great pride in her long hair and always used the best shampoo and treatment products.
Dexter also felt she looked best with long hair. However, someone had pulled her hair, causing strands
to break off.

“It’s all right. I can deal with it by myself.” Josie did not notice anything strange about Dexter’s

Then, Dexter pulled his hand away and gripped the bottle of ointment. “It’s winter. You should get
enough rest and avoid going out as much as possible.”

Dexter sounded cryptic, so Josie misunderstood and thought he was afraid she would find out about
the matter with Liana.

She grunted and replied, “What about you? Are you done dealing with your matter?”

Although their gazes met, neither could understand the other’s emotions. “It’s done.”

Dexter turned to face her, but Josie could not bear the secrecy and called out suddenly. “Dexter.”

He paused and waited for her to continue.

However, Josie did not say anything. She wanted to ask him about something but did not. know how
she should string the question.

Dexter leaned toward her and looked into her eyes. However, his phone suddenly rang. He answered it
immediately and listened to the caller explaining something. Then, he asked, “When did it happen?”

He turned to Josie.

Josie mouthed the words. “What’s wrong?”

Dexter put the call on speaker mode, allowing Larry’s voice to fill the room. “Carter Group hid the
matter and dealt with everything within a day. It was too late by the time we found. out about it.”

Larry sounded furious. “I didn’t expect Arnold to cover up such a good chance for us to expose him.”

Dexter did not show emotion as he said, “He used the New Year holiday to his advantage. It’s no one’s

Larry hesitated before saying, “Mr. Russell… I found out who designed the blueprint for this
construction. It was… Blank.”

Josie widened her eyes slightly upon hearing this.

Blank was the name of the studio she co-owned with Laura.

She knew there was no hiding her collaboration with Carter Group once Dexter learned. about the
construction incident.

Dexter glanced at her and replied to Larry, “I understand.”

He hung up and stood up from his seat. “When did it begin?”

Dexter was calm, but Josie knew it was the deceptive calmness before a storm.

“Around more than a month ago…” Josie wanted to say that Laura insisted on accepting the project.
However, Josie also gave her approval. Thus, it was pointless to argue about this.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I couldn’t back out of it, and I was scared you would be angry.”

Dexter stood before her while she sat on the couch and looked down at her. “Was it to repay Arnold’s

“I guess so…” Josie gripped the hem of her shirt with sweaty hands. “I’ve caused you

Dexter narrowed his eyes. “It’s normal to want to repay someone’s good favor. I can understand that.”

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