That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 672

Someone Died

Arnold dragged Josie to a desolate spot and released his grip on her. The bright lights illuminated the
slap marks on his face.

Panting heavily, Josie confronted him, “Is it true?”

“D”mn you, yes!” Arnold bellowed angrily, his neck veins bulging. “I pushed the workers to work extra
hours during the night!”

After learning the truth, Josie took a step back. “Did you go back to using the shoddy materials?”

Arnold turned his face away. “It doesn’t matter now; talking about this is pointless.”


Josie had taken on many projects, and there had never been any mistakes or accidents. But this time,
there was a possibility that lives were lost.

She gazed at the collapsed area, now a ruin, dark and starkly contrasting to the light on this side.

“Why did

you do this? You already have an alliance with the Olsen family. You can’t be short. of money. Why did
you take it this far?”

She kept pushing Arnold for answers, desperate to understand the motives behind his selfish. decision.

Arnold remained tight-lipped.

“People died on New Year’s Eve. Do you know what that means, Arnold?”

“So what? There are countless projects in Wavery across the entire country. Haven’t there been
casualties before? Even the Russell Group had its share of accidents. I can easily bury this news, so
f*ck that!”

Arnold snapped, anger evident as he punched the wall, causing his knuckles to bleed.

Josie exclaimed in disbelief and expressed her frustration, “Don’t you see? The Russell Group incident
is why I supervised this project so closely! Our history together demanded it!”

However, she never anticipated that Arnold would secretly pressure the site workers to work late nights
on the project.

The collapse occurred shortly after the project’s completion, indicating the use of severely




substandard materials.

With a heavy heart, Josie watched Arnold’s reckless actions lead him into a pit despite her efforts to
save him.

The person in charge’s excessive accommodation back then had now made sense; they were only
trying to appease her.

Arnold appeared momentarily surprised by her statement, but a scornful smile spread across. his lips,
“No matter what challenges the Carter Group encounters, just like the Russells, we’ll come out

Josie was so furious that it took her a while to calm down.

“Heck! Why are you selling yourself short like this? Remember how cocky you were when you asked
me if I’d be your mistress? Where did that confidence go?”

The man’s eyes gleamed with unresolved emotions at Josie’s confrontation.

“At first, Laura was eager to take over this project, but I had reservations, so I asked if were up for it.
Do you remember what you said to me back then?”


The current situation was far from what Arnold had promised her back then.

With frustration evident on his face, Arnold turned away. He located a safety helmet, which he promptly
placed on her head. “Leave it to me; I know what to do. Everyone will still be lost in the festivities
tomorrow, enjoying a happy and harmonious New Year!”

Just as Josie was about to say something, he promptly tightened the safety helmet, hushing and
gesturing for her to stay out of it, “You don’t need to get mixed up in this. Just act like you weren’t even
here today and pretend you know nothing about it.”


Suddenly, a man hurriedly approached from the center of the ruins. He was drenched in sweat, and his
voice quivered, “Mr. Carter, there’s someone… someone trapped down there…”

Josie shuddered, feeling Arnold tense up beside her.

“Who is it?”

“Someone… someone identified him; his name is Will, and he’s from the construction team…”

“Is he alive?”

There was no response, only silence.

In shock, Josie screamed, pushing Arnold away, and sprinted toward the center of the ruins.

She fought through the crowd and was horrified to find Will trapped under immense debris, his body
contorted and lifeless gruesomely.

Her stomach churned, and she spun around, vomiting.

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