That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 675

I Know Where Dexter Is

Reducing a life and a family’s value to mere money felt heartless, disheartening, and despicable.

Lucia collapsed to the ground. “Before he left, our son said he wanted cherry pies from his favorite
bakery, but… but…”

Lucia’s voice faltered, and Josie couldn’t face her.

“When things were toughest for our family, Will once said he wished he could get hit by a car just to get
compensation for our son’s medical expenses.”

Her voice was numb, tears welling up, “I never thought it would come true.”

Arnold took a slow drag on his cigarette.

After a while, Lucia stood up. “I want you to be accountable for my son’s medical and nutritional
expenses until he gets better.”

Lucia’s appeal was entirely warranted, showing her sensibility and compassion.

Arnold frowned. “Of course, besides that, you can also request additional compensation.”

“He gave his life for this project, and I don’t want to treat his life as a means to make


The woman had endured numerous hardships in life, yet she upheld her and her husband’s dignity.

Josie felt a profound admiration for her.

After speaking, Lucia walked toward the ward with her weary body. When she reached the door, she
paused, took a deep breath, and entered.

The dimly lit corridor was now empty, leaving only Josie and Arnold. They stood. sensing the gravity of

“You knew it all,”


Josie confronted him as they exited the hospital. Standing in the cold breeze, she felt a sense of clarity.

Arnold pulled a cigarette from the pack, lit it, and exhaled a cloud of smoke.

“You were aware of Will’s family situation when you selected his construction team for this project. He
was desperate, ready to shoulder all the blame for you if anything went wrong.”



Commercial competition always instilled fear in people.

Arnold blew out the smoke, which hung in the air before him. “Don’t act like so well. I never thought that


know me

“The facts presented to me don’t align with your claims,” Josie said, feeling a sense of unease with the
man beside her.

Right from the start of their acquaintance, she sensed that Arnold was a mysterious and sinister figure.
She had been naïve to believe he was a lonely man with a conscience.

Arnold remained silent.

After a while, Josie glanced up and was taken aback to see him trembling as he held the cigarette. At
the same time, the bloodstains on the back of his hand made him look more like. a desperado.

He took a deep breath and offered his final response. “No matter what you believe, I never intended for
anyone to die.”

Josie continued walking.

“If this incident hadn’t happened, I’d be at the Olsen family’s right now, raising glasses with those phony
hippos and hypocritical people instead of standing here in the cold.” Arnold’s voice trailed after her,
repeating, “I didn’t want this, Josie.”

Hearing this, she finally stopped in her tracks.

So, Arnold was celebrating the New Year with the Olsen family today. No wonder Laura wind of the
project accident so quickly.


Seeing her stop, Arnold approached and firmly grasped her cold wrist. “And what about you? You’re
alone at home on New Year’s Day, yet you rushed here so swiftly.”

Josie was caught off guard and glared at Arnold. “I came because I was concerned about the


A faint smile appeared at the corner of Arnold’s mouth. “Really? Would Dexter have allowed. you to
come if he was with you?”

“He’s not the kind of person you described!” Josie wanted to break free, feeling that this man. was
being unreasonable.

“You don’t have to deny it because I know where Dexter is tonight.”

She froze.

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