That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 689 Are You Angry on Arnold’s Behalf?

It did not matter whether the waiter succeeded. He would benefit regardless.

The offer tempted the waiter, but he could not help but feel afraid.

Dexter ordered solemnly. “Go.”

He pressured the waiter and had Larry push him out of the room.

The private lounge fell silent again. Dexter suddenly turned to Josie and asked, “Why aren’t you

Josie looked down. “Did you know since early on that someone would die in the construction?”

She did not want to ask him such a question before an outsider. However, guilty conscience. and anger
warred within Josie after she listened to them. She was unable to stop herself.

Since she refused to eat, Dexter took her plate and tasted the food. It was not up to his standard.

“Larry, get someone to take these away and serve something better.”

Larry observed Dexter’s expression and replied, “Yes, Mr. Russell.”

Another waiter came in and quickly brought the food away. Josie stayed still and asked, “You knew
since the beginning that something would happen at the construction site. Is that why you’re angry
about my participation? Did you plan it?”

Josie questioned him without reservation.

Arnold had set Dexter up before this, so Dexter had to find another way to go against him.

Josie realized she should have expected this.

Caesar glanced at Dexter’s calm expression and answered on his behalf, “Mrs. Russell, you
misunderstood. The higher-ups in Carter Group’s construction project received bribes and. carried out
shoddy construction. That was how we knew something would happen.”

“I’m asking him. Don’t answer for him!” Josie raised her voice and glared at Dexter.

Fury roared in her heart as she recalled the tragic scene of Will’s death.

Dexter and the others did not care about human lives except as tools to achieve their goals.



Caesar was rendered speechless. He did not expect the gentle and meek-looking woman to lash out
so fiercely.

“I knew since the beginning.” Dexter gently tossed his fork onto the table, causing it to fall with a thud.
“Why? Are you indignant on behalf of your beloved Arnold?”

How could he think I’m angry because of Arnold?

Josie’s chest heaved with fury. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“You also didn’t inform me that you accepted the project.”

No one in the private lounge dared to speak as the married couple fought openly. Furthermore, they
were surprised that the petite and docile-looking Josie dared to argue. with Dexter head-on.

Josie began to regret her decisions. She believed she could have avoided Will’s death if she had
informed Dexter earlier. “Are you hiding anything else from me?”

She voiced her suspicion again, hoping that he would answer truthfully. However, she forgot that he
could not reveal the matter when others were in the room.

The food arrived. Dexter filled a plate with food for her and said, “Try these and see if they are to your

Josie closed her eyes.

Larry entered the private lounge and left the door open. They could hear noises from outside. “How
dare you record me in secret? Do you want to die?”

The noises came from the private lounge next door.

The other waiters paused in their tasks. Everyone noticeably came to a halt..

Meanwhile, the waiter was dragged to a corner. Someone searched all over the waiter’s body. and
found the watch. He opened it and found a tiny camera within.

The discovery prompted everyone to panic. They attacked the waiter without mercy.

After some time, Arnold finished smoking a cigarette and said nonchalantly, “That’s enough. It would be
troublesome if he were to die.”

Blood leaked from the waiter’s mouth as he pleaded, “Mr… Mr. Carter……”

Someone demanded, “Who sent you?”

“Who else.” Arnold came to the waiter and tilted his chin with his feet. “I paid your salary, yet you dare
to work for someone else. Are you out of your mind?”

“They… They forced me to do it. Mr. Carter, I’m an innocent man!”

However, Arnold ignored his plea and kicked him viciously to the side. “Scram.”

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