That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 683

Meeting Liana

Suddenly, a voice sounded outside. It was Henry’s voice. “Let’s hurry up.”

Josie looked through the gauze-curtained window and saw two figures walking in a hurry. They walked
past Josie’s room and pushed open the door in the neighboring room. Josie instantly understood why
Mallory had brought her here and was surprised. “How did



“Dexter would not choose this place to meet someone without a good reason, so I thought it must be
important. Furthermore, when I met you, I could see that didn’t want to be recognized.”


Mallory was astute and guessed the gist of things after connecting the dots.

Josie laughed at herself. “Thank you.”

But Mallory looked away. “I brought you here only because you needed a secluded place to meet a
confidential client. I have no idea that Dexter is next door.”

Josie understood and replied, “Yes, you don’t know anything.”

Satisfied with her response, Mallory turned around to leave. However, when Mallory reached. the door,
Josie could not resist asking, “Why did you help me?”

Mallory helped Josie tremendously in the few times they met. She considered before replying,
“Perhaps it’s because our situations are too similar.”

Once the door closed, Josie waited for a moment before stepping out. She stopped stealthily outside
Dexter’s room and vaguely saw the people inside. There were around three people. Dexter and Henry
sat on one side, facing a woman with a slender figure.

The woman looked young.

She raised her hand to pour a cup of tea. Her gestures were as graceful as a swan.

Unfortunately, the room was soundproofed, so Josie could not hear what they discussed.

Josie saw Henry holding the young woman’s hand and roughly understood what was happening.

This young woman was most probably Liana.

From what Josie knew about the past, Henry cared about Liana as if she was his granddaughter. Thus,
it was understandable that he would want to see her now that she returned.




Josie looked down and thought Dexter had arranged everything well. It seemed yesterday’s DNA test
confirmed that the woman was Liana. Otherwise, he would not have brought Henry to meet her.

They conversed, but Josie could not hear anything. After a while, she could not stand watching their
interactions anymore.

Josie turned around to leave. However, in a moment of carelessness, she accidentally bumped into a
flowerpot by the door and nearly fell. She let out a yelp as she lost balance.

Even though she immediately stopped herself from falling, the people inside still heard her. Dexter
stood up. “Who is it?”

Josie panicked and searched for a place to hide. As she was about to rush into a neighboring room, a
hand suddenly covered her mouth and dragged her away.


Dexter opened the door and stepped out. He saw the leaves on the potted plant swaying but found
nothing strange.

There was no one around.

He frowned and pushed the partially opened door at the room next door. He stepped in and saw a
familiar figure buttoning up his shirt as he walked over.

Arnold frowned helplessly. “Dexter, why are you here?”

Dexter looked at him suspiciously and noted his untidy clothes. It seemed he had just finished a secret
dalliance with a woman. Dexter ignored him and proceeded forward, but Arnold extended his arm and
stopped him.

“There’s a woman inside. It would be unseemly for you to go in. Josie would be angry if she knew.
Arnold sneered and looked at Dexter mockingly.

“I’m surprised you came here to have a love affair, Dexter appeared emotionless.

“No one will find out if neither of us says anything.” Arnold replied calmly and did not seem worried.

“What was the noise just now?”

“I didn’t hear anything” Then, Arnold appeared as if he just realized something It must have been my
girl calling out in the throes of pleasure. I’m sorry that it frightened you.”

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