That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 691 He Won’t Die with You Around

“What would you do if I killed him? Dexter pulled out a tissue and slowly wiped his palm.

Josie felt a shiver down her spine and did not doubt that Dexter would kill Arnold as he said. “That’s a

Dexter sneered, “He won’t die with you around.”

Josie resisted lashing out at him. She closed her eyes and said, “What will you do about the waiter
from just now?”

“Larry has explained about him.”

But Josie knew Arnold would not let the waiter off. She imagined he, like her, would become a tool in
Dexter and Arnold’s game.

“Josie!” Dexter shouted suddenly. “If I don’t get rid of Arnold, he will not hesitate to retaliate and kill

Josie observed him through the darkness.

Everyone in Wavery knew Dexter and Arnold were rivals.

Two days later, Josie prepared tea for Paul in Mason Garden. He took a sip and shook his head.
“Josie, you’re bad at making tea. You should stop making it.”

Josie wanted to laugh at herself. “It seents I’m only good at drawing.”

Paul was unsure about how he should respond. “Erm, right. You should focus on what you can do.”

Josie was left speechless. She grabbed her phone without thinking and saw a notification about a
news. article. Wavery is struck with another construction accident, resulting in the dismissal of the

director of the city’s industrial and commercial department!

Her hands shook.

Dexter succeeded despite the odds and ended the matter within two days. It seemed Arnold did not
even have the chance to do anything.

Josie opened the article and read through the detailed reporting on corruption matters. The article also
said that the police stopped Mr. Lynch’s family at the airport before they had a chance to escape.

Dexter quickly took down all the perpetrators with his plan.

Josie searched all over the Web and could not find news about Will. She calmed down and pondered
on it Then, she guessed this was the most extensive result Dexter’s plan could hope to achieve.

However, he could not proceed further than that.

If he did, he would not only face obstruction from Arnold Even the higher-ups would forbid him from
going further

Still, the damage to Carter Group’s reputation was sulligent to assuage Dexter’s fury

But Jour knew Dexter could achieve more if she had ng gotten in his way

“Why are you angry? I don’t remember you ever liked tea” Paul noticed her silence and tried to coax

Josie got out of her daze and responded. “Who likes tea? Not me.“

“You’ve been brewing tea for two days straight, switching between chamomile and Darjeeling tea, Paul
spoke as if he was the victim of her tea obsession.

Josie was stumped. She could not help but recall Liana’s elegant gestures as she prepared tea in
Heaven on Earth.

The memory left her frustrated. “Am I unsophisticated?

Noises of a car sounded from downstairs as she asked this question. Dexter had returned. Larry exited
the car first and opened the door for Dexter. He saw Josie and waved at her with a smile.

However, Josie turned away and pretended not to notice.

Larry felt awkward. “Mr. Russell, is Mrs. Russell still and

Dexter did not look up. He exited the car by himself and headed into the house. “Let her be”

“What if the Olsen family fails to conceal the matter? There are already rumors in the upper-class
circle. If Mrs. Russell were to hear…” Larry was worried.

Dexter planned to go to the study but paused upon hearing Larry. He headed to the balcony instead.
Meanwhile, Josie covered herself with a shawl and closed her eyes to enjoy the sunlight.

“Dad,” Dexter greeted Paul with a nod.

Paul waved at him. ‘Come here. Josie brewed tea. You should give it a try.”

As expected, Josie did not get up,to pour tea for him. Dexter looked down and picked up the cup before
her. The tea had cooled, but he could still taste its slight bitterness.

“Chamomile tea, Dexter said softly.

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