That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 692 What’s the Point of Our Marriage

Josie opened her eyes immediately upon hearing Dexter. She could not stand his comment.

However, Dexter glanced at her and continued, “You must improve your techniques”

Dexter’s words affirmed Paul’s opinion. Thus, Paul tugged Josie’s hand and said, “Listen, even Dexter
agrees you’re lacking. I have been saying the same thing, but you wouldn’t listen.”

Josie turned to the other side and refused to speak.

Dexter and Paul exchanged glances. Then, Paul stood up and announced, “I’m getting a glass of water
to clear the aftertaste. You tormented my taste buds enough for the past two days.

Dexter and Josie were the only ones left on the balcony. Seeing Josie would not speak, Dexter
squinted and looked at the distant sea. “Mr. Lynch has been arrested, and Arnold will likely be in
trouble for the rest of the year. You don’t have to waste time learning to make his favorite tea”

His words were harsh. Josie could not help but open her eyes and argue, “I didn’t learn it for him.
Likewise, this cup of tea doesn’t belong to you.”

Dexter extended his hand slowly but suddenly gripped her hard, pulling her into his embrace, “How can
you think of belonging to anyone else except me?”

Josie knew she could not escape and did not bother to struggle. Instead, she relaxed and said, “I don’t
want to belong to anyone. After all, some things were never mine.”

Dexter circled his arm around her waist and leaned down, inhaling her scent. After a while, he asked
solemnly, “How much do you know?”

Josie was stunned. To her annoyance, she knew what he meant.

“I don’t understand.”

“When did you find out Liana returned to the Olsen family?”

Dexter finally understood everything, but it took such a long time that Josie was no longer interested in
discussing it with him. Instead, she said coldly, “I found out about it at the same time as you did.”

Meaning it was the night of New Year’s Eve.

Dexter suddenly realized and knew why she said those words after that night. It turned out she had
found out about it so soon.

“I see. Arnold must have told you when you met him that day”

Josic retreated slightly and faced him. “You probably never plan on telling me if he didn’t”

Dexter did not avoid her this time. I would have told you.”

I waited a few days, but you never brought it up”

He likely never planned to tell me if he had not discovered my connection with Arnold Joste sneered
derisively and continued, “Now that rumors are spreading in our circle, you decided to tell me because
you didn’t have a choice Dexter, what’s the point of our marriage if we behave like this”

It saddened her that their marriage was filled with so much distrust.

Dexter tightened his embrace. Her detachment frightened him.

“I wasn’t sure if she was Liana in the first few days she returned. Once I confirmed it, I planned to tell
you, but Grandpa found out first and requested to see her.”

Everything he said so far matched what he did. He had arranged for Henry to meet Liana and
discovered the incident at the construction site when he returned In short, a series of events delayed
his opportunity to inform her.

Josie was tired and did not want to argue with him. “Honestly, there were many chances when you
could have told me, but you didn’t. Was it because she is too precious to you that you could not let her
go? Were you worried that I, your wife, could never understand how important she was to you? Was
that why you didn’t dare to tell me?”

Josie had no choice but to accept that she felt her position was under threat when she saw Liana.

Dexter frowned slightly. “Josie, I admit to delaying, but it wasn’t because I’m worried you would

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