That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 694 She Was in the Photo

Those words were more than enough to make Josie happy.

Meanwhile, news about Liana’s return to the Olsen family soon spread throughout their social circle. It
was rumored that when Heather was confirmed to be Liana, Mark was so happy that he recovered from
his illness. Moreover, he did not sleep all night and declared he would organize a banquet and
everyone in the city.

Heather had to persuade him to stop, or he would have proceeded with the banquet.

Surprisingly, Summer was the one who spread the news about Liana’s return. She seemed even more
excited than Mark and acted the role of a loving sister. She cried so profusely that no one could tell
whether she was faking it..

Laura had told Josie these.

Laura appeared animated as she described what happened and could not hide her disdain. “Honestly,
you and Heather look incredibly alike. No wonder Old Mr. Russell initially mistook you for her,”

Josie was pouring tea but paused upon hearing Laura. She smiled and replied. “She is now the real
Liana. With that in mind, it isn’t she who looks like me. Instead, I’m the one who resembles her.”

Laura was surprised by Josie’s response and apologized immediately. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that

Josie did not mind. “It’s all right. What about you? How are you doing in the Olsen family

Laura smiled bitterly. “Nothing special, just being invisible. Zach has his hands full dealing with Summer
and the intimidating Liana. He doesn’t have time to hit me anymore.”

Josie could not help but be concerned about Laura’s situation. “Are you sure you can’t divorce him?”

“I can stand it.”

After a while, Laura continued, “The Olsen family’s business dealings and the extent of Zach’s
embezzlement are enough to send him to prison.”

Josie frowned. “What are you planning to do?”

“I don’t have any plans. I’m just saying that everyone has their desperate moments. Wait, and you’ll

Josie could not help but worry when Laura spoke cryptically

“The Olsen family plans to organize a small-scale banquet to welcome Heather home. I saw Dexter’s
name in the invitation list. Will you be attending with him?”

Josie recalled the scene of Summer’s birthday celebration and felt like laughing “Do you think they
want me there?”

Laura did not know what to say

“Im not going It’s a celebration, after all. I don’t want to cause a scene and spoil everyone’s mood’
Joste was aware that she was not welcome

Hearing that, Laura stopped insisting Then, Josie left and went to look for Paul

Paul was sitting in a rocking chair, reading e

Heather’s return to the Olsen family.

He put on reading glasses and read the article carefully, Josic, come take a look.”

Josie went to Paul.

“The girl in the photo resembles you.” Paul pointed at the photo curiously.

Josie’s smile faded. “We look similar, right.

“Yes, I thought it was you at first glance and wondered when you have become someone else’s
daughter. Paul joked.

Josie pointed to a photo. “This girl is the little girl in the photo the other day. This is how she looks like :
a grownup.”

“The photo from the other day. Paul considered. “That’s not right. You’re the girl in that photo.”

Josie did not respond. Paul’s mind was less alert, and his memories were unreliable since he was
discharged from the hospital. Sometimes, it was not unusual for him to say things that did not make
sense. Thus, Josie was not bothered by his words.

“I check what Julie made for lunch.”

Jo. Jo! You’re the girl in the photo!” Paul kept shouting after her, but Josie did not turn around.

Two days later, Arnold received an invitation from the Olsen family.

Josie was beside him when someone brought the invitation to him. “I hate how some people ignore
personal boundaries. You’re married. Why did they invite you?”

Her tone carried a hint of jealousy, prompting Dexter to explain, “My involvement with the Olsen family
is not because of that.”

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