That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 681

Speculation and Test

Dexter arrived half an hour later.

Paul exited the car with the servants’ help and said, “Thank

you, Dexter.”

“We shouldn’t have sent you to Russell Mansion in the first place. It was our mistake,” Dexter replied

No matter how friendly Henry was, Paul could not be at ease staying in Russell Mansion because it
was not his home.

He smiled knowingly and patted Dexter’s hand to indicate that he appreciated what Dexter did for him.

Furthermore, he saw that Dexter was responsible and trustworthy and thought Josie had married the
right man.

Although Paul was initially wary of Dexter, he had come to trust him.

Josie went out of her room. She was still in her pajamas but wore shoes this time. “What took you so

Dexter handed the dessert to her and answered calmly, “The strawberry cake was popular. I had to
queue up for some time.”

The dessert was packed in an exquisite box and tasted as delicious as usual. The cake melted in her
mouth but did not taste as sweet as expected. She offered Dexter a bite and said, “Perhaps there’s
something wrong with my taste buds, but this cake tastes bitter. You should give it a try.”

Dexter frowned. He did not like desserts but opened his mouth as Josie asked.

“It’s sweet.”

Josie smiled bitterly. “I guess something is wrong with my taste buds.”

Seeing her refusing the cake after a bite, Paul scolded, “Dexter queued for twenty minutes to get you
this cake. How can you be so wasteful?”

Before this, she would never trample on Dexter’s effort to make her happy. However, she had become
rebellious from disillusion.

“It’s bitter. I’m not eating it.”

Yet, Dexter did not get angry but instructed a servant to take the cake away. “I’ll tell the shop





owner to add more sugar next time.”

Josie did not say anything.

She found it hard to maintain her act before him. It did not matter how calm and natural she was before
this. She could not help but express her frustration before him, leaving her torn. between wanting him
to know her feelings and not wanting him to know.

Even though she felt bitter, she did not want to confront him yet.

She waited, hoping that he would tell her about the matter himself.

Dexter did not join the Russell family’s New Year celebration this year. Moreover, Josie had no
relatives. Thus, their New Year was quieter than usual.

Russell Group would only resume work on the fifth day of the New Year, so Josie asked. tentatively,
“Do you have any plans tomorrow?”

Dexter was dealing with work in the study. He paused typing on the keyboard and pondered about his
schedule. “I have something in the morning. Do you need me to do something?”

Josie prepared a pot of tea and poured a cup for him. “What matter is it? Can’t you cancel it?”

“It’s work. I have to go.” Dexter frowned slightly.

“I pity Larry. He doesn’t even get to spend time with his family during the New Year holiday. and has to
work with you.”

Dexter curved up the corner of his lips.

Josie took a deep breath and leaned slightly against his arm, saying coquettishly, “Are you sure you
can’t cancel it? I want to consult you about some problems in my studio.”

Dexter had difficulty resisting when Josie spoke to him in a coquettish and pleading tone. He looked at
her and felt his heart softened. Then, he held her hand and said, “Jo, I’m free in the afternoon.”

Josie’s smile faded. He rarely refused her, especially when she told him she had a problem.

“What if I insist you go with me in the morning?”

Josie was rarely this insistent, prompting Dexter to frown.

Seeing his reaction, Josie suddenly found it pointless to pressure him. “I was only joking. It’s not

Initially, she planned to tell him about the problem with Carter Group if he agreed to cancel his matter to
accompany her. However, Dexter seemed to be relieved that she did not insist.

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