That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 686

The Mark on Her Neck

Josie watched Mallory and Dexter converse for a while. Then, Dexter turned and left in another
direction. He did not come her way again.

He must have been suspicious, but Mallory calmed his concern.

After they left, Arnold stretched his stiff muscles and said, “You have a pretty good friend.”

Josie calmed her nerves and thought to leave, but she suddenly paused and asked, “How does Liana
look like?”

Liana looked identical to Josie when they were kids, so Josie wondered if their adult selves. would also
look similar.

Arnold was briefly silent at her question before revealing a strange expression. Then, he looked
elsewhere and answered vaguely, “She is a beautiful woman.”

“I’m not asking about this.” Josie stretched her hand toward him and continued, “Do a photo of her?”

you have

She was sure Arnold would have a photo of her. After all, he was skilled in collecting the latest

“You didn’t see her face just now?”


“I don’t have her photo.” Arnold leaned down slightly. “Although I’ve met her, it’s not right to take a
photo of her in secret.”

Josie laughed. “You seem like someone who would secretly snap photos of others.”

Arnold grabbed her neck and lifted her as if she weighed nothing. “Josie, you’re quite daring.”

Josie hit his hand. “Can you describe her? What does she look like? Do we look similar?”

She moved closer so that he could check her face.

Arnold stared at her face as she leaned closer, but his answer did not sound convincing. “I guess so.
You look quite similar to her.”

“Can you elaborate on how we look similar?”

Josie was honestly curious.



Arnold frowned and said, “She’s your rival for Dexter’s affection, yet you don’t seem to care.”

“I’ve learned to accept it. After all, your wife is my biggest rival for Dexter’s affection. Since I can
tolerate her, why can’t I tolerate Liana? Still, I think your wife’s going to make her life. difficult,” Josie
retorted. She was able to think about the matter with a clear mind.

Although the Olsen family was relieved about Liana’s return and cherished her, someone was bound to
be jealous. Therefore, Josie did not believe that Summer would not target Liana. somehow.

Arnold instantly understood her and sneered, “I’m impressed you understood.”

“It’s all thanks to your wife.”

Josie left the room and walked out alone.

Her smile gradually faded as she walked. Honestly, she was not as open-minded as she wanted Arnold
to believe. Liana might suffer a difficult life with the Olsen family, but it was nothing for Josie to be
happy about.

However, if Dexter treated her well, it would be Josie’s loss.

Josie had only said those words to retort Arnold. She was not that magnanimous in reality.

After leaving Heaven on Earth, Josie hailed a taxi to return to Mason Garden. She realized. Dexter had
arrived before her.

He sat on a couch, reading a newspaper.

Still, Josie was not nervous. She entered the house straight away. “Why are you back so soon?”

Dexter looked up from the newspaper. “Where have you been?”

She took off her coat and set it aside. “Didn’t I tell you I must deal with something at the studio?”

“I called just now. They said you weren’t there.”

Although he said those words calmly, there was an unmistakable sense of threat

Josie resisted panicking. I went out to deal with some matter. That was why I wasn’t in the studio. Why
didn’t you call me?”

She sat down beside him and looked up coquettishly.

Dexter showed no emotion as he said flatly, “Check your phone.”

Josie was stunned. She took out her phone and saw numerous missed calls from him.

“I… I silenced my phone.” She rubbed the back of her neck guiltily and continued, “I’m sorry.”

Her gesture alerted Dexter to the red marks on her smooth and fair skin. He furrowed his brow. “What
happened to your neck?”

For a few seconds, Josie quietly hurled at Arnold all the insults she could think of.

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