That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 673

You Can’t Silence Me

Not long ago, Will and Josie had a heated argument about the materials, but now, he was gone in the
blink of an eye.

in the b

Josie crouched down on the side, taking time to regain her


Arnold hurriedly walked over, asking, “It’s New Year’s Eve. What was he doing here?”

“I heard… I heard he wasn’t at ease with this project and always wanted to come and check on it. After
his family gathering on New Year’s Eve, he took a stroll and ended up nearby, so…”

After explaining, nobody said anything.

No one could decide momentarily whether he was to blame for the accident or if it was his fate.

After a brief pause, Arnold closed his eyes, “Before dawn breaks, take care of the body, inform his
family, offer compensation, and make sure they speak nothing about it.”


Josie took in everything and finally stood tall. She shot a frosty, hollow stare at Arnold. “And what
happens next?”

Arnold locked eyes with her from afar, exuding a chilly and distant aura. “In this world, money rules.
Even some people’s lives can be bought.”

Arnold’s brutally frank words made Josie’s stomach churn once more.

Her expression became intricate as she inquired, “And what about me? Can you silence me too?”

“Can you buy my life as well?”

Josie’s words carried an emotional weight that silenced everyone present.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and she felt profound sorrow. In her heart, Will was a devoted team leader.

When they worked together, his employees spoke highly of him, emphasizing how he never delayed
paying their salaries,

Despite their later disagreements over different ideas, Josie didn’t believe it was his fault.

After all, Will was a living, breathing person!




Hearing Josie’s words, Arnold momentarily gave her a cold and distant gaze.

Then, he removed the safety helmet and signaled for her to follow.

He walked away, his once imposing figure now looking small amidst the vast ruins.

Josie took a deep breath and eventually caught up with him.

As she approached, Arnold opened the car door. Inside were loaded with gifts prepared by Andy for
Will’s family, and he handed Arnold some documents. “Mr. Carter, all of Will’s information is right here.”

Arnold skimmed through it and said, “You can go home

Andy was frantic, “Shouldn’t I go instead? If you show up, the situation might get out of control.”

“Don’t worry. I need you to go back and keep an eye on public opinion online.”

Arnold said, gesturing at Josie. “I’m heading to console Will’s family. Do you want to tag along?”

Perplexed, Josie could only follow Arnold; he was in charge of the project.

Arnold took the driver’s seat and drove the car from a side road onto the main road.

On New Year’s Day, the streets and roads in Wavery were eerily quiet, and Josie sat in the passenger
seat with a perturbed look.

Neither of them spoke.

After an unspecified period, the front began to show some activity. Josie raised her noticed the sign:
Trinity Wavery Hospital.

gaze and

Frowning, she asked, “Why are we at the hospital?”

Arnold stepped out of the car and retrieved many gifts from the trunk. “Will has a son with cancer. The
family exhausted all their savings for his treatment, and his wife is spending the New Year at the
hospital keeping the son company.”

Josie was taken aback; she hadn’t expected this situation.

“That’s why he chose to work as a contractor on our construction site. His son’s cancer is a financial
burden; they need the money.”

Arnold continued, saying, “Taking on projects involves risks; everyone is staking their life on it:

With his long strides, Josie had to jog to keep up.

“He didn’t have to die; he could’ve earned more money for his family’s medical

“Do you think they feel the same way?”

Arnold blurted out the ugly truth.

Josie was momentarily speechless. expenses!”

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