That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 685

Her Guesses Came True

Josie peeked through the gap and saw Dexter and the woman supporting Henry as they left the room

She could only see the woman’s back profile. The woman wore a white dress and draped a beige
shawl over her shoulders. Her silky hair was tied up with a ribbon. She looked poised and elegant.

It was only fitting that an elegant woman like her return to the Olsen family.

However, Josie could only feel jealousy stabbing at her heart. The woman looked like a perfect match
for Dexter as she stood beside him. It was just like in her nightmare.

They left the corridor and came to a car. Dexter and Liana stood opposite each other and conversed.
They looked like they had known each other for a long time.

Suddenly, Liana stood on the tip of her toes and adjusted his shirt collar.

Josie could not see Dexter’s expression. She had no idea whether he welcomed or hated it.

However, he did not stop her. It seemed to indicate that he accepted the


Josie shut her eyes and felt suffocated. She could not stand seeing such interactions anymore.

All her guesses had come true.

Arnold walked to her unhurriedly with his hands in his pockets. “I would have gone out now if I were

“Unfortunately, you seem too cowardly to do this.”

Josie opened her eyes wide. They were bloodshot in anger, but her tone remained calm. “Trust is vital
between married couples. He is not only my husband but my teammate in life. I can’t embarrass him in

She still did not think Dexter had done anything wrong.

Dexter could forget Liana, so her return fulfilled his wish. He brought Henry to see her because it was
Henry’s wish to see her again.

As for the eldest daughter of the Olsen family, she was only missing. Thus, it was only normal for her to
return to the Olsen family.

This was a happy matter, so who was she to blame anyone.




Arnold sneered upon hearing her. “You trust him, but does he trust you? If I’m not mistaken, he never
offers to tell you anything about this matter.”

Josie replied without hesitation. “He’s worried that I would overthink.”


you not overthink now that you discovered the matter yourself?”

Josie fell silent.

“The Olsen family would not publicly announce Liana’s return due to consideration for Summer’s
reputation. The matter would only be revealed among their close circle. Dexter did not tell you because
he wanted to steer clear of any involvement so that it’s easier for him to defend himself one day.”

Josie glared at him. “He’s not you.”

Arnold raised his eyebrows at her stubbornness. “Don’t come crying to me when things go wrong.”

Meanwhile, Arnold had sent off the other two and suddenly turned around. As he was getting close to
Josie’s hiding spot, Mallory suddenly appeared. “Mr. Russell?”

Dexter paused. “Why are you here?”

Mallory smiled and replied, “Mr. Russell, it seems you’re always displeased to see me.”

Arnold was never interested in the women Calvin got involved with. However, he always felt suspicious
that Calvin was willing to sacrifice so much for Mallory.

“You’re mistaken. I express displeasure with everyone I meet.”

Mallory’s smile grew apparent. “What about Mrs. Russell?”

“She’s an exception.”

“I’ve helped her a lot, especially during the accident in the United Kingdom. You would have long lost
your wife if I had not rushed her to the hospital.” Mallory moved closer and continued, “Because of my
good deeds towards you, shouldn’t you at least be nicer to me?”

Dexter rubbed his brow and softened his tone. “Thank you.”

“I’m not here to ask for any favor.” Mallory stood up as a cat ran to her. She carried it in her arms and
caressed it. “I only wish to say that one should better appreciate something one nearly lost.”

The cat looked at Dexter.

After saying that, Mallory continued, “My cat has been mischievous lately. It kept running around.
Please don’t be angry if it disturbed you.

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