The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 13

Give Him a Check

“What the fuck!” Monica screamed and quickly kicked Mr. Ronald who was on her body.

“Mr. Ronald, let me go! Don’t you know who I am? It’s me Monica, not Olive!”

President Ronald seemed to have lost his mind as he relentlessly kept pulling Monica’s

dress. “Little beauty, stop struggling, the more you struggle, the more ecstatic I get.” He

laughed hysterically.

“Let go of me! Help, help!!” Monica shouted.

The door of the room was smashed open and a group of police officers rushed in, “We

received a report that there’s a sex trafficking going on here. We’re taking you both to

the station for questioning!” The leader of the squad spoke.

The Police got hold of Mr. Ronald. Monica frightenedly buttoned up her dress, “What

sex trafficking? That’s not true! There’s no need to head to the station.”

“Please ma, kindly cooperate with this.” With this, they police led them away.

Monica was devoid of knowledge of what happened. She was forcibly dragged away by

the police. When she passed the bar, everyone surrounded them.

When she was younger. She was a famous actress. She later got married to Patrick

and slowly retired from the entertainment industry. But she was still an old actor which

everyone respected.

“Look, ain’t that actress Monica?” Someone in the crowd recognized her.

“My gosh, what happened? And why is she being taken away?”

“I think the fat man is her lover!”

“Let me video them. This news will definitely sell.”

Over the years, Monica has spent a lot of money on public relations, and had

maintained her reputation perfectly. Now caught in this spot and with people taking

pictures of her, her face reddened in shame.

Patrick was socializing with some executives in a seven–star hotel. The executives

inquired, “Mr Hart, why didn’t


wife come with you today?”

Monica has a lot of connections and was well–rounded. After her marriage to Patrick,

she had became Patrick’s right hand man.

Patrick smiled and responded, “My wife is occupied with somethings, so she couldn’t


“Mr Hart, we must praise you, even after these years you’re able to keep the famous

Monica as your helper. You’re really a lucky man.” The black–skinned executive


Patrick was a lover of fame and prestige. His phone which laid on the glass table beside

him rang out.

“Is that ma’am Monica? We’ll love to speak with her. So we can be certain that she

really intentionally missed the meeting, and not because you failed to invite her.” The

black–skinned executive added and the others nodded in support of his words.

Patrick chuckled, he picked up the phone and turned on the speaker, “Hello.”

“Hello? Is this Patrick Hart? Your wife Monica was arrested at the bar as a suspect to

sex trafficking. Please get her a lawyer as soon as possible.

Suspect of what?

Patrick froze.

The CEOs were already fidgeting through their phones. The news of Monica’s

involvement in the sex trafficking had already spread across the internet like a wild fire.

Netizens didn’t hesitate to comment their opinion.

“Well, Monica Hart is already old, she just wants to have a good time,”

“What the heck did y’all expect from a former professional mistress. Just like a fine wine

which tastes better with time, Monica improves her skills as she ages.”

“Monica seemed to be unhappy in that marriage of hers.”

The bosses gazed at each other and back to Patrick’s furious face. “You should go find

a way of taking her out of there.”

Monica and Mr. Ronald were both brought in at their most distraught state. Patrick had

arrived with a lawyer.

After the lawyer has completed the formalities and they were free to go, Patrick said

solemnly to Monica, “Let’s go.”

Monica followed Patrick all the way out of the hall. She pulled Patrick’s sleeve and

muttered, “Patrick, I need you to understand, all of this is Olive’s conspiracy. She

pretended to had agree to going on with the deal. But she in turn, framed me up.”

Patrick looked at Monica coldly, “So you’re saying that Olive made you and Mr. Ronald

to cuddle on the bed?”


“Your scandal is amongst the trending topics. The numbers of retweets is about a

million. Did Olive also do that?”

Monica knew that the internet would eat up the news. But she hadn’t expected that it

would trend in such way.

She never had thought she had been in the entertainment industry for years to break

the internet with a scandal.

“Yes. Olive did all this. She was the one…” Patrick raised his hands and slapped her.

Monica went crashing to the ground. The slap was so powerful that her lips bled.

Monica was stunned. She had been loved and cherished by Patrick through out the

years. It was the first time he had

hit her.

“Patrick, why did you hit me?” She cried holding on to her cheeks.

Patrick gritted his teeth and his stared sinisterly at her,” Monica, Olive just returned from

the orphanage. What ability does she has to pull this? I’ve loved and adored you for so

many years, and this is how you choose to repay. me? You’ve lost everything!”

Only then did Monica realize that she had committed a major offence against Patrick.

Patrick valued his reputation so much. Now that he became a laughing stock of others.

It was expected that he’d take his anger out on her.

“Don’t you ever mention Mr. Ronald’s name ever again. You also have other stuff to

settle with me.” Patrick spat angrily and walked away leaving Monica to herself.

Monica tasted her own blood in the mouth, she viciously yelled, “Olive!”

Harry watched the scenario and had almost clapped his hands, “Bro, this girl of yours is

really something. I’m afraid. her stepmother will not get through this, this time.”

Elvis stuck his hands into his pocket. There was zero surprise in his expression.

Olive was like a mystery, slowly attracting him.

“I’ll be leaving.” Elvis was about to leave, but a figure appeared before him. It was


Gabriella wasn’t aware of what had happened to her mother. Her focus and thoughts

were on Elvis.

She took out a check from her pocket and pointed it to Elvis, “This money is for you, I

want you to be my gigolo and also stay away from Olive.”

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