The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 46

Pornography Incident

Elvis stared straight at her. The flames in his eyes were about to set her on fire Olive

buried her face in his chest

Elvis used his hands and caressed her lips.

Olive turned her head away, for her lips were already going numb

“Elvis, it’s time to sleep.”

She reminded.

Elvis turned around and threw his stiff body onto the bed, he stared at the crystal

chandelier above his head. He raised his hand to cover his eyes, and then he covered

her with a blanket


Still in his embrace, Olive had fallen asleep.

Elvis kissed her on the forehead, and felt lost in her sweet fragrance. Her mobile phone

rang out again, it was Derrick.

Elvis glanced at Olive’s sleeping face and answered the call.

Derrick’s voice came in hastily as though he was about to go bunkers,

“Olive, you finally decided to answer my call.

“She’s already asleep.” Elvis interrupted him.

Derrick felt his soul leaving him.

“Mr. Domino, Olive is very tired. She had just fallen asleep in my arms. I’m sorry okay,

we were together and she didn’t hear you call.” Elvis spoke calmly and hung up after


Olive went to the hospital to see Aunt Rebecca. As soon as she arrived at the hospital’s

gate, she saw Gabriella.

Gabriella’s face was pale and her eyes were red and swollen. She could see that the

failure of the engagement party had taken a toll on her.

“Olive, let me ask you, where’s Derrick? Where did you seduce him to? Why can’t I get

through to him?” Gabriella spoke angrily to Olive. She could not connect to Derrick and

was about going crazy.

Olive pursed her lips and said,

“Gabriella, go look for Derrick, I don’t know where he is.”

“Olive, please! Stop lying. You seduced Derrick and told him to ignore me “

“Gabriella, I ain’t lying to you. Oh, by the way, Derrick called me last night, but I had

ignored his call.”


Gabriella froze. While she was busy searching the entire earth for Derrick, he was busy

calling Olive

Gabriella made to grab Olives hands, but she had dodged her grip.

Thave something important to attend to in the hospital Olive muttered and headed into

the hospital.

Inside the ward, Olive received North’s message.

“Aren’t you afraid that they might do something bad to you?”

Olive replied,

“I’ve been anticipating this day for a long time.

Gabriella returned home in despair, she met her mum im the sitting room.

“Mom, Derrick really doesn’t want me no more. He’s already fascinated by Olive. I want

Olive to die, if she dies, everything will be fine. Derrick will the be mine!”

Monica’s expression was also that of sadness. Since Olive returned, their numerous

confrontations with her always ended in defeat.

Her biggest wish for her two daughters to marry into the four major families in LA.

Gabriella was close to fulfilling that dream, but it was ruined by Olive

Now, it was very likely they Derrick and Olive would rekindle their old relationship. Once

Olive married into the Domino family, all their efforts would be in vain.

Monica rolled out a tissue and wiped the tears from Gabriella’s face.

“Gabriella, mummy will deal with Olive’s matter. Trust mummy, this time, I’m going to

send Olive to hell, so that she’ll never be able to return!”

In the hospital, Olive wiped Aunt Rebecca’s body with a warm towel. She headed into

the bathroom. to change the water.

Two men in black suddenly appeared in the bathroom, and they closed the door.

Olive looked at the two men vigilantly, she quitely put her small hand into her pocket,

ready to take

out her phone.

“Who are you guys and what do you want?”

“Beauty, don’t be afraid, we’re not malicious.”

The two men stepped forward quickly and covered Olive’s face with a handkerchief.

Olive struggled hard, but soon as she scented the handkerchief.

The phone in her hand fell to the ground. Olive closed her eyes went into oblivion.

One of the men carried her up and smiled lewdly,

“This girl’s skin is so smooth, she scent good. We haven’t seen such a beautiful girl in a

long while ”

“Let’s get her out of here into the car We were payed to enjoy her, let’s not waste any


Monica stayed home the entire day At night, her phone rang. Monica opened the

message and saw a nude photo.

The unclad man pressed against Olive bosom. The scene was extremely explosive.

Monica looked at the photo severally. She could not sight Olive’s face as she was being

pinned down by the man. But she could see that it was her.


Monica smiled evilly.

Monica quickly transferred the money to the account designated by the thugs. She

forwarded the nude photo to her former manager and also to some marketing


Monica hated Olive so much that she had paid some thugsto abduct her She also used

her connections in the entertainment industry to make the photo go viral, hence tainting

Olive’s. reputation.

Half an hour later, the entire internet was ablaze, the photo was so hot that it generated

lots of shares and comment.

“Isn’t that the girl who just married into the Red Villa? This is understandablethough,

after all, her husband is sick and cannot satisfy her.”

This girl Olive, one thing I know is that, she really is rude.”

Seeing that there were severally hate comments against Olive, Monica felt relieved.

She had finally drove Olive into the abyss.

Mom!” Gabriella jumped happily, her face beaming with joy.

“Mom, there have been photos of Olive circulating on the web. You really did this?”

Monica nodded proudly,

Yes, I did.

“Mom, you’re amazing” Gabriella rushed up and kissed her face.

“Mom, how many men really slept with her?”

“Well, more than one

Gabriella danced

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