The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 42

She’s a Little Maid

Olive turned and quickly ran upstairs into the bedroom. Olive stood by the window and

watched asElvis and Rita walked over from the lawn.

They lowered their eyes and smiled at each other The cool breeze blew gently and

Rita’s skirt rolled over Elvis’s black trousers. They looked very intimate and ambiguous.

He actually brought a woman home.

Then what was she?

Is that woman his lover?

Olive’s slender fingers twisted around her dress, she felt really angry and

uncomfortable. The feeling made her breath almost seize.

Olive walked to the bed and sat on it. Suddenly, the bedroom door was pushed open

and Elvis walked in.

Here he is!

Olive raised her eyes and looked at him,

“Mr. Augustine, your back.”

Elvis had seen her from the lawn, but she had hastily ran upstairs and hid in the room.

Elvis couldn’t help but say,

“Today, I brought a guest back. Rita, is our company’s public relations director”

It turned out to be the public relations director Olive muttered,

“Oh, I saw her.”

“What do you think?”

“She has a pretty face and a good figure.” Olive paused as she spoke, her tone

pretending to be relaxed, but her fingers were about to twist her dress.

Elvis raised his eyebrows and sighed,

“I’m not getting younger. You have repeatedly drawn a line between us. Maybe one day,

after the contract has been settled, you’ll pack your things and leave. A man can’t live

without a woman right?”

Olive snorted. Couldn’t he really be without a woman?

“Also, you said that grandma is old and she wants a great-grandchild. I need a woman

to give birth to

my son.”

Olive couldn’t refute his reason. Olive lowered her lashes, she was a little unhappy

Elvis walked closer and held her chin and asked,

“What’s wrong?”

Olive ducked to prevent him from pinching her face.

“Don’t touch me.”

What’s wrong? Elvis laughed softly Through the mask, his fingertips gently pinched her


Olive wanted knocking off his hand, but Rita appeared at the door

“Elvis Rita’s smile vanished when she saw Olive

Olive was sitting on the bed, she looked like a frustrated little girl. Elvis stood tall and


Rita was completely taken aback. The Elvis she knew was calm and powerful. She had

never dared to imagine that he had such side to him.

Elvis withdrew his hand from Olive’s face and his narrow eyes fell on Rita’s face,

“Are you looking for me?”

His doting and teasing self had suddenly faded away in an instant. He had returned to

his usual cold and alienated look. There was no warmth in his eyes.

Rita muttered,

“Elvis, who is this?”

Olive stood and said to Rita,

“Director Rita, I’m a maid here.”

“Maid?” Rita asked suspiciously.

“You two, take your time, I’ll be on my way.” Olive walked out.

Elvis’s eyes were focused on Olive. When Rita noticed that Elvis’s gaze were focused

on the maid, she said,

Elvis, the Red Villa is so big. Can you show me around?”

If you need a tour around, find someone to take you.” With that, Elvis walked out of the


Rita was left alone. She could only admit that she long had eyes for Elvis. She just

couldn’t help herself. The man was too charming. He was wealthy and famous. In

addition, he was handsome, mature and had a clean private life.

However, he had an air of abstinence, he didn’t allow any woman to get close to him.

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