The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 58

Do you really like Mr. Augustine?

Pamela had rescued him. He gave Pamela a silver pendant. Later, Pamela took the

silver pendant to find him, and he promised her three things.

First was him funding her foreign school fees, and this was the second request.

Olive played with Phoebe for a while. Just as she was petting the cat, a message

popped up on her screen of her phone which was in her hand, it was from North.

Olive logged into her social media account, and the first new that greeted her was that

the Augustine corporation. had invested a whooping one millions dollar into Hart’s


The news was sensational that it topped the headline of all major magazines and

financial newspaper.

And of course, it was because of the Hart family’s daughter, Pamela, who had just

returned from studying abroad. As the wealthiest family in LA, the Augustine’s

Corporation was quite mysterious. The CEO of the Augustine Corporation was a

legendary existence that no major magazine could photograph.

Now that the CEO of the Augustine’s Corporation had spent such amount on a beautiful

woman, it was quite sensational.

The news had spread like wildfire, and Pamela, the beautiful socialite became even

more prominent.

Pamela’s fans were reveller who didn’t hesitate to display their trademark.

“The CEO of the Augustine corporation is actually Pamela’s servant.” One commented.

“Pamela, don’t settle for any less, you’re a precious star.” Another added.

At the Hart family, Patrick suddenly collapsed on his chair when he saw the alert beep

in his phone. He felt like he was dreaming.

His phone suddenly rang, and multiple calls came in, in quick succession, almost

blowing up his phone.

“Mr. Hart, I was wrong. I want to cooperate.”

“Mr. Hart, do you have time tonight? I’ll treat you to dinner. Can you bring Miss Pamela

with you?” Another message came in.

“Mr. Hart, you really gave birth to a good daughter. We are far behind.”

Previously, all of these bosses had turned against Patrick, but now they all called to

kneel, lick and fawn on him.

Patrick felt that his moment of glory had come.

Pamela walked in.


Patrick quickly stood up. He looked at Pamela like a national treasure and asked in


“Pamela, is it really President Augustine who gave you 1.2 million?”

“Yes dad, it’s him.” Pamela nodded.

Patrick went mute. In his entire life, he had never dared to think that he would be

associated with the Augustine’s corporation.

Who would have thought that his daughter would not only be outstanding, but she

would also be able to achieve all that he couldn’t.

“Pamela, how did you meet Mr. Augustine? Does Mr. Augustine likes you”

Pamela raised her lips and said mysteriously,

“Dad, you don’t need to worry about me and President Augustine. You just need to

know that I will marry Elvis

Augustine and be wife.”

Patrick was speechless.

Pamela quickly added.

“Dad, how about the divorce?”

Okay, fine.” Patrick waved his hand, he was occupied with happiness and didn’t give it

another thought.

The Red Villa.

North’s message came in again. It was the first time that she was being extremely


“Olive, did you see the news?”

Olive felt that her hands go cold. She married into the Red Villa on Pamela’s behalf and

did not deliberately inquire. about Elvis’s identity.

Olive was not daft. Elvis’s gestures and actions were like that of an elite in the business

world. She had also seen a few bosses playing cards with him at the bar. His personal

secretary and public relations director Rita, called him “CEO.”

There were so many coincidences, Just like the chat she had with North that day, his

surname was also Augustine.

His identity was revealed.

“Elvis is the mysterious and low–key CEO of the Augustine Corporation and the richest

man in LA, of course he is also the real “Augustine.” who had spent more than a million

dollars to welcome Pamela.” Olive replied

North almost blanked out.

After some seconds, North’s message came in again.

Three years ago, Pamela was the first LA citizen to enter the Holy court. I heard that

Elvis Augustine, the president of the Augustine corporation, personally sent her in.”

Another message came in some moments later.

“Three years later, Pamela returned to LA, Elvis Augustine, the president of the

Augustine corporation spent such amount on her behalf, automatically dispelling

Patrick’s intent of divorcing Monica.”

“Three years ago, he sent her abroad. Three years later, he welcomed her with a million

plus. Doesn’t that ring a

bell Olive?”

Olive read the messages and suddenly went mute, she had never thought that Elvis

would be linked with Pamela. “It seemed that Elvis Augustine is an ace in Pamela’s

hands.” North’s message came in again. Her messages reeked of anger. Not only did

Pamela exclude herself from Monica’s scandal, she also won a lot of praises and


The most important thing was that, the man who had spent a million and two hundred

thousand dollars on Pamela, was Olive’s new husband.

“Don’t be upset North, this issue is really very simple.” Olive replied with a sigh.

Except for Elvis’s relatives and aquintance, no one else knew that Olive was in the Red


“Olive, then you can quickly shut down the Hart’s medical, because half of the

Augustine’s corporation is yours. You’re Elvis Augustine’s wife.”

That’s true, I’ll definitely take care of Pamela. I don’t need to even have a word with her

at all. I’ll send her a lawyer’s letter, using Mrs. Augustine’s name to recover everything.

Not a single penny will be left.”

North was silent for a few seconds, and then sent a message,

“If you have the ability, then go ahead.”

Olive’s lips arched in a smile.

Noth sent in another message,

You really like Mr. Augustine.”

Olive read the message and didn’t reply.

Olive, come pick me up at the airport later. I’ll be arriving LA soon.”

Olive was stunned, she didn’t expect her to come back so soon. When she was in New

York two days ago, she told her that she’ll take a while before coming to LA.

“Why did you choose to visit so soon?” Olive queried.

“I’m afraid that you will be bullied. Pamela isn’t to be toyed with.” North replied.

Olive smiled happily. No matter what had transpired over the last years, she still had a

good best friend by her side. It felt so good.

A knock landed on the door, and Mrs. Samantha’s loving voice sounded from outside.


Olive quickly put down her phone and ran to open the door. The old lady stood outside

the door, holding a large bag in her arms. It contained all kinds of snacks.

“I didn’t know what you liked to eat, so I brought this so you could chose whatsoever

you liked. I heard it’s good to watch the TV while eating some snacks, especially when

you’re in a bad mood. Let’s try it out.”

Looking at the old lady’s kind and loving smile, Olive’s eyes quickly felt teary. She knew

for sure that the old lady. really did love her.

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