The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 59

Give Me A Kiss

Olive was betrayed when she was young and lost everyone who loved her. And now,

she cherished everyone. around her, such as North, and Mrs. Samantha.

Olive happily carried the pile of snacks, she pulled the old lady’s hand.

“Okay, grandma, let’s go watch TV and eat the snacks.”

Elvis arrived quite early today. The maid opened the villa’s door. Elvis changed his

shoes at the entrance and walked into the living room. He immediately sighted Olive

who sat on the soft couch.

Olive was wearing a lavender suspender skirt and a creamy white plush cardigan. The

skirt was neatly covered around her knees. Her two beautiful white legs were curled to

one side.

An unsealed snack was in her left hand and in her right hand was a piece of dried

sweet potato. Her eyes were glued to the TV.

Mrs. Samantha sat on the opposite sofa, she lifted her head and saw Elvis.

“Elvis, you’re home so early today. It’s barely six.”

“Grandma, I had just missed you.” Elvis teased and unbuttoned his suit.

Mrs. Samantha put a potato chip into her mouth.

“Stop teasing grandma. You’re here because you missed Olive, right?”

Elvis looked at Olive. Olive turned her head and stared at him.

“You’re back” She muttered softly.

“Yup. I am.” Elvis nodded.

“Oh, okay.” Olive seemed to have been lost of words. She took her gaze away from

him. She dipped her hand into the dried sweet potato and took a handful.

Elvis walked over and squatted in front of her.

“Do you want me to eat?” He asked aloud.

Olive stared down at him.

“It’s dried sweet potato, grandma bought it. Do you want to eat it?”

Elvis was aware that it was dried sweet potatoes. When he approached her, he could

smell the aroma. He was never interested in snacks, but the one she was eating

seemed to be very good.

Elvis furrowed his brows.

“I’ll try it.”

His eyes fell on the dried sweet potato in her hand. It was obvious that he wanted to

taste what she was eating, and he had no plans to do it himself. He needed her to feed


Olive had already understood what he meant. She stuffed the dried sweet potato into

her mouth, then pushed the snack bag into his arms.

“There you go…

Elvis’s eyes darkened. Mrs. Samantha put the snacks on the little table beside her, then

stood up and walked into the dining room.

“Olive, dinners ready, come eat.” Mrs. Samantha announced from the kitchen.

Olive wanted getting up, but Elvis kept the snack bag on the tiled floor. His hands

clasped her back and took her directly into his arms. He smiled and muttered.

“What’s the matter? You wouldn’t even feed me snacks.”

Olive pressed her hands against his chest and struggled.

“What are you doing? Let go. Someone is watching. Grandma said that food is ready.”

There indeed was a maid in the living room who witnessed the scene. The maid quickly

walked into the kitchen

with a smile.

Elvis didn’t let go of her. He lowered his head and leaned towards her face.

“Then give me a kiss first.”

“No!” Olive protested and pushed him away. She stood up and walked hastily into the


Elvis chuckled and took off his tic. He felt that all she wanted was for him to carry her to

the room like he did the previous day, pull the sheets of the bed, sit her on his laps, and

kiss her fiercely.

He heard Olive’s beautiful voice.

“Grandma, I won’t be home for dinner. A good friend of mine is arriving LA today, I’m

heading to the airport to pick her up.”

“Okay, Olive, I’ll let the driver take you there. If your friend wants, she can come over

and stay here for some days, just to keep you company.” The old lady said quickly.

“Okay, grandma. I’ll sure let her know.”

Elvis walked over and said.

“I’ll take you to the airport.”

“No need.” Olive wanted rejecting his offer.

Elvis looked at her. Olive knew better than letting the old lady know that they weren’t on

good terms.

“Oh, no problem. Thank you.” She hastily added.

The both walked out of the kitchen.

The butler. Mr. Henry mumbled,

“Madam, I think the relationship between the two is quite weird.”

Mrs. Samantha picked up her spoon and glanced at him.

“You better keep to your work.”

Mr. Henry could only go back to his duty.

Olive got into the Rolls–Royce Phantom and sat in the passanger’s seat.

The car drove smoothly into the bustling traffic. Olive turned her head and stared at the

glass window. LA was really beautiful at dawn.

Elvis’s voice sounded, “Are you angry with me for that one million stuff?”

“No, I’m not. You worked hard for your money. I didn’t contribute a penny, so I don’t

have the right to interfere with what you choose to do with it.”

“Would you believe me if I said that nothing happened between me and Pamela, and

that I’ve only met her a few times?”

Olive turned to look at Elvis who was driving.

“Mr. Augustine, are you telling me that Pamela isn’t attractive? Or should I be laughing

at your stupid joke?”

Elvis’s eyes became gloomy, and his deep voice scolded.

“Mrs. Augustine, you can be angry and play with me, but don’t say nonsense. You don’t

not know who I find attractive, and want to have sex with.”

Olive turned her head back to the window without uttering another word.

Silence had engulfed the car.

Elvis continued,

“Pamela once saved me. I promise her three things. The first was to send her abroad.

The second is to invest in Hart’s medical.‘

Olive raised her hand and tucked a strand of hair behind her car, then pouted her red


“So, she just has to request and you’ll grant her wish, right? Well, it won’t be surprising

if Pamela’s third request is for you to marry her. So, if she request that, will you marry


Elvis looked at her beautiful and calm face.

“I’m already married to Olive, how can I marry her? Or, do you want to push me to

another woman?”

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