The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 62

: Swipe his card

“Where did you guys kiss?” North questioned with her eyes beaming with joy.

“Well, it was just upto the neck.” Olive replied shyly.

North was quite surprised.

“Olive, Elvis is a mature and abstinent type. A man’s maturity is not only because of his

extraordinary manners, but also by his wealth, power and status. The most important

thing is his sexual prowess.”

Olive smiled timidly.

“I think that Elvis should understand though. He’s just waiting for the perfect time.” North


Olive didn’t want to speak any further. She knew that, whenever North started her

speech, there was no going back.

North stared at Olive’s bright eyes and saw that she was really in love with Elvis.

However, North wasn’t surprised. It was hard not to be moved by someone like Elvis.

She remembered the way Elvis had looked at Olive, it was exactly how a man stared at

his lady.

North suddenly remembered Pamela.

“Olive, what’s the relationship between Elvis and Pamela?” Did you ask him?

“I did. He said that, Pamela had saved his life sometime. Hence he was just returning

the favor.” Olive responded and sat on the couch.

North’s face was filled with questions.

“Pamela doesn’t really look like the type to save someone. Oh, let me guess, she sent

someone to attack the rich and wealthy Elvis Augustine, and then she appeared as his


Olive stared admiringly at North. North was the type to take note of the slightest hint,

and turn it into an epic story.

North turned to Olive and asked.

“What about the man you saved? Why didn’t you save Elvis?”

“I think I’ll have to go back and ask my seven years old self.”

North frowned.

“Olive, I always feel as though Pamela is hiding some secret. After you left LA, why did

Pamela become such a medical genius? And how did she save the prominent Elvis


Regarding the first question, Olive felt that Pamela’s rapid medical skills were

connected with her mother’s death. and her grandfather’s coma. It was still a mystery.

For the second question, she really didn’t how Pamela saved Elvis. Elvis hadn’t agreed

on telling her. With her intuition, she was certain that Elvis chose not to mention the

event because he was protecting her interest, as her


Olive was most worried about the fact that, Elvis saw Pamela as his saviour. She wasn’t

ready to share her man with another woman, not even Pamela.

Erica had hired a chef who had quickly prepared a delicious dinner.

After the meal, Olive took a shower and wiped her hair with a towel. When she looked

downstairs, she suddenly sighted Elvis’s Rolls–Royce Phantom.

Elvis hadn’t left.

Olive lowered her hand and closed the curtains.

North walked out of the bathroom and said to Olive,

“Olive, President Augustine gave Pamela 1.2 million right? How much did he give you?”

Olive halted.


“Oh, my poor Olive, from a man’s perspective, the amount he gives to a woman

indicates how much he loves her

Elvis wouldn’t have given you lesser, right?”

Olive remembered that Elvis had once given her his black card. Although she had never

used it, it was still in her bag.

“Uhm. well, he did give me a card sometime. Hang on, I think it’s in this bag.” Olive

headed to her black bag which laid on the dressing table. She rampaged through the

bag, and took out the black and gold card. She walked back to North and handed it over

to her.

North quickly took a deep breathe and stared at the lettering “Augustine”

“This card can mobilize all of Elvis’s asset. Although he gave Pamela 1.2 mill, President

Augustine has handed over the entire treasury of the Augustine’s family empire to you.

You’ve made a fortune!”

Olive wasn’t aware of the power that the card possessed. He gave Pamela a little

amount, but he gave her a vault. Olive felt a little sweeter.

“Olive, let’s go shopping tomorrow. Boss Augustine’s money is in our hands.

Olive made to protest.

However, North held her down and said,

“Olive, Mr. Augustine has alot of money, so don’t worry about it. Besides didn’t he just

spend such huge amount on. Pamela. You’re his wife, Olive…”

Elvis still hadn’t left. His car was parked below the apartment building.

He felt his eyes become heavy, he took out his phone and sent a goodnight text to


Olive was already lying on the bed when the message came in. She made to reach to

her phone, but her body had betrayed her as she had fallen asleep.

While awaiting Olive’s response, Elvis glanced at the mark which she had left on his


After moments of waiting, Elvis dailed a number. The phone was answered and a low

and pleasant voice sounded. “Why are you calling me at night?” It was Raven.

Elvis took out a cigarette from his cigarette pack and lit it between his lips.

Elvis slowly exhaled the smoke from his mouth.

“Can you still remember two years ago, when you were locked up in a dark and windy


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