The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 93

Helped her twice

The pharmacy was empty when Olive had arrived. She turned on the lamp on the wall

and took off her coat.

Olive’s skin was pale and purple. The wounds were still bleeding. Olive took out a bottle

of disinfectant and used a cotton wool to treat the wound.

Her eyes were reddened with pain. The door suddenly pushed open and a handsome

figure appeared.

Olive didn’t expect that anyone would show up at such an early hour.

Olive turned her head and saw the man who often liked to sleep. She had actually

forgotten about this elusive individual.

The man who stood by the door didn’t seem to have thought that it would be her. Olive

trembled lightly.

The man glanced at her, then closed the door and consciously backed out.

Olive heaved a sigh of relief. She didn’t have any medicine with her, the wounds still

needed a treatment. She concluded to purchasing some later.

Olive opened the door of the lounge and walked out, but she soon stopped when she

sighted a small bottle of ointment on the table beside the door.

The small ointment in the white battle looked very precious.

“Where did this come from?” She thought to herself. She knew that it was given to her

by the creepy man.

Olive was in dire need of the ointment. After pondering about it, she took the ointment

and went into the lounge to apply it on her body.

After the ointment touched her skin, it didn’t take a while before the aching pains had


Olive took out a pen. She wrote some words on it and placed it on the desk of the man.

It was still very early, and Olive’s eyes were already clouded with tiredness.

The man walked in and returned to his seat. He saw the note which read,

“Thanks for the noodles, and the ointment. Hopefully. I’ll be able to pay you back in the


The man put the note in a book, then opened it again and read through it.

When Divine had arrived, Olive was already up. She was in the secret library.

“Olive, why are you here studying this early? You’ve been working so hard.” Divine


Olive flipped through the pages of the book in her hands. Now that Elvis’s condition was

worse, she had to develop a pill for him. But there was a particular medicine that she

was not so sure about, and she needed to find it in a book.

“Divine, I’m looking for a book.” Olive mumbled.

“What book? I’ll help you find it.” Divine offered.

Olive pondered for a while, then said,

“I don’t know what book I’m looking for. I’m still thinking about it, so I really won’t be

needing your help. Go take care of your flowers.”

Divine felt that Olive was a little mysterious. Divine really wasn’t a scholar. Her routine

were different from others. The library was so huge, that anytime she went into it, she

felt drowsy.

Divine’s sharp eyes landed on Olive’s neck

“Olive, what marks are those on your neck? Who did that to you?”

In order to cover her injuries, Olive had worn a high collar blouse, but Divine’s eyes

were so sharp.

Olive quickly covered her neck with her hands and said,

“Divine, don’t talk nonsense, I was only bitten by a mosquito


Divine pulled Olive into an unoccupied corner and whispered,

“Olive, I heard that you’re married to a ghost in the Red Villa, is he a psychopath?

Because, this is obviously a human bite. The teeth had bitten deep into your neck, this

was done to suck your blood.” Divine spoke as she stared

attentively at Olive’s neck.

Olive took a deep breathe and placed the medical book on the shelf.

“What do you mean by the intent was to suck my blood? It’s not a vampire.”

“Olive, I’m serious. These people aren’t normal at all. They have a mental illness, and

there is no way to cure them.”

“I had a cousin who married a lady. The lady was so good. She was very considerate

and caring towards. my cousin. But he had a problem, he liked domestic violence.” She

paused and stared at Olive’s face which seemed interested in her story.

When my cousin’s wife was sick, my cousin tied her to the bed and abused her. The

more pain the lady was in, the happier he was. He was blood thirsty.” She swallowed

hard then continued,

“The lady really loved my cousin. But when she had had enough, she realized that she

was pregnant and couldn’t leave anymore.”

“What I’m trying to say is that, you’re still very young, and your life has just begun.

Quickly find a way to divorce that husband of yours. You’ll meet more men in future,

those who will treat you better.”

Olive pulled Divine’s hands and patted it.

“Divine, thank you so very much for your advice. But I know what I want, so you don’t

have to worry about me.”

It’s fine, if you have any difficulties, just let me know. I think your face is quite pale, I’ll go

to the kitchen and make you some soup.”

“Divine, you cook here?” Olive questioned surprisingly.

“What do you take a foodie for?” Divine smirked, then turned around and left.

Olive slowly sat on the soft carpet against the wall. Her eyes were blank for a while.

She took out her phone and went through it.

Red Villa.

Elvis slowly opened his eyes. The splendid morning light had already seeped through

the layers of the windows. It was the first time he had woken up so late.

With the drowsiness in his eyes, he rolled over to hugged the girl who had slept behind


He stretched his hands around the bed, but there was no one on it.

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