The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 155

Pamela it’s not you!
Divine’s eyes lit up as she looked at Olive excitedly.
“Olive, what do you intend doing?”
Divine admired Olive so much, because Olive always had a way of dealing with Pamela..
Olive blinked her eye’s mysteriously, and decided to keep her plans a secret for the main time.
Divine had been expecting Olive to make a move, but the commendation ceremony ended
successfully. Pamela also gave a perfect speech.
The crowd had gone gaga as they applauded happily. Pamela couldn’t feel more flattered.
Olive stood at the back of the hall and stared at Pamela calmly, without carrying out any
The commendation ceremony was over, and everyone headed into the studio for the interview.
Someone called out to Olive.
“Olive, I heard that you’re also going to be interviewed. Come over, do you want us to waste Pamela’s
time? Time is precious, you’d better not make trouble and embarrass yourself!”
Divine felt her heart boil. But Olive turned to look at her, signalling her to remain calm.
A group of people walked over. Pamela was surrounded by the them. It was an incomparable scenery.
Pamela pretended to be annoyed at everyone, and she stepped forward and protected Olive.
“You all shouldn’t be like this. Olive is my sister no matter what, I want her to share this glory with me”
Everyone stared at Olive with disdain.
“Pamela, you’re just too kind.”
“Yeah, Pamela is just so nice.”

“Pamela, we don’t wanna waste time here. Let’s go to the photo studio and take some
beautiful pictures first. You’ll need it for the headlines, and magazines.”
“Alright.” Pamela muttered. She turned to Olive and looked proudly at her.
“Olive, come over quickly, I’ll go on in.”
Pamela left with the crowd.

“Olive, this Pamela is showing off to you.” Divine muttered angrily.
Olive held Divine’s hands and comforted.
“Divine, don’t be angry, let’s go.”
Chapter 155 Pamela it’s not yuti!
In the studio.
Pamela stood in front of the camera and made several elegant poses. Patrick and Monica also had
someone to had chose their outfits.
The photographers were taking their time to capture the moment.
Monica walked over to Olive. She handed the phone over to her.
“Olive, look, thirty nine million people were watching Pamela’s commendation ceremony, and now this
TV station’s special interview has about fifty five million people waiting for the broadcast. The entire
internet has become quite sensational. Olive, I hope you ain’t
Olive glanced at the phone. The trending topic on social media was,
“Pamela, the talented medical girl.”
Olive looked at the number of people watching the live broadcast, the initial fifty four million people had
just soared to sixty million. Olive nodded her head. The more people, the better.
Monica wanted to provoke Olive, but Olive was too calm. There seemed to be a sinister plan hidden
under her calm appearance.
One of the staff shouted,
“Mrs. Hart, please come this way.”
Monica warned in a low voice,
“Olive, you’d better not say nonsense during the interview. Of course, we invited you here, so we’re not
afraid of what you may say. Anyway, you’ll be the one to be embarrassed at the end.”
Monica scoffed and proudly took the stage. Patrick and Pamela were also sitting on the sofa.
The interview had swifty commenced, the interviewer had questioned Patrick and Monica on how
Pamela was raised.

Olive stood and watched calmly as Patrick and Monica recounted proudly the events leading up from
Pamela’s life till date.
The interviewer repeatedly praised Pamela, and Pamela could only smile shyly.
The host finally said,
“Okay, let’s invite Pamela’s sister, Olive, for an interview.”
It was time for Olive to appear on stage!
Divine quickly became nervous and reminded Olive panicky,
“Olive, the number of people watching the broadcast has skyrocketed to eighty million. Eighty million
people are watching you!”
Olive looked at the live broadcast room. Everyone mumbled under their breath and didn’t want to greet

Bride: Doted by My.
Pamela it’s not you!
Olive pursed her lips and walked onto the stage calmly.
“Olive, sit here.” Pamela quickly reached out and pulled Olive to sit beside her.
Olive didn’t refuse. She walked up to Pamela and sat beside her.
The host let out a laughter.
“Pamala, you are really kind to your sister, Olive. So, Olive, what do you think about Pamela sealing the
acupuncture point with a gold needle.”
The audience held their breathes in anticipation. Anticipating what Olive would say.
Olive’s clear eyes landed on Pamela’s beautiful face, and her voice finally sounded,
“Pamela, the golden needle had saved the old lady. Was it you that saved her?”
Pamela froze. She had thought about what Olive would do, but she never thought that Olive would ask
her such a precised question.
Pamela had been living her best life the past few days, she almost forgot that she was not the one who

saved Mrs. Robert.
She thought that no one would know about it. How did Olive know?
“Olive, of course I was the one who saved the old lady, who else would it be?” Pamela quickly
stabilized herself.
Olive pursed her red lips into a sarcastic arc.
“It ain’t you, you’re just taking credit for what someone else did!”
Everyone gasped. They didn’t know expect that Olive would say such words.
The host hastily interrupted her,
“Olive, what are you doing? It was Pamela who saved old Mrs. Robert.”
Olive rolled her eyes and looked straight at the camera. Olive calmly looked at the eighty million people
before proclaiming to the world,
“It’s not Pamela, because i was the one who had used a gold needle to seal the acupuncture point of
the old lady. It was me!”

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