The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 162

Say You Love Me
Olive saw North’s assistant secretly nodding to North’s outfit. She had posted the link, and in less than
a second, the outfit was bought.
Olive asked the assistant in disbelief,
“All of them have been sold out?”
It was the first time of the assistant getting a glimpse of the power that North exuded.
Olive looked at North with starry eyes.
The comments flowed in again..
“Omg! I got nothing!”
“My hands are so slow.”
“Beautiful North, your earrings are so beautiful, please drop the link.”
“I want the link to the bags and shoes.”
The assistant posted the links, and in a snap of a finger, the links had expired because people had
bought all the items.
North kept changing into different outfits, once she was tired, she resulted to matching the outfits with
her hands.
“These are for the cuties that wanna go on a vacation with their boyfriend. No matter how many
beauties are there, you’ll always be the center of attraction.
“And this outfit is suitable for those that want to attend their ex-boyfriend’s wedding. With this outfit,
you’ll have the entire attention, and trust me, your ex will definitely be envious, but as a queen, you
won’t take him back.” North let out a chuckle and continued.

“This outfit are for the boss ladies. This is suitable for the workplace. Yunno, that boss vibe, yea.”
North had a keen sense of fashion, and a high-level taste, which had led her into becoming the fashion
Half an hour later, all the clothes in the studio were sold out.
North sat on the chair to rest. Her assistant passed her a cup of yogurt and she made to take a sip.

“I wasn’t fast enough to buy anything, North, can I have the yogurt?” A comment came in. The assistant
turned and looked at North. North shrugged her shoulders. The assistant chuckled and put down the
“F uck, I didn’t even get the yogurt, it was sold out in seconds!”
North blinked and handed the yogurt to her assistant to package.
Most of the people who watched livestream were female, but North’s livestream had a lot of male fans.
A loud bang was heard and another fireworks exploded on the screen. The sender of the
The Sulatine Bride: Dobed by My Billionaire Husband
Chapter 162 Say You Love Me
gift kindly made a request.
“Beautiful North, can we see you in a suit?”
North was very professional. She responded with a smile,
“Thank you for the gift. I’ll change into a suit now.”
Elvis had arrived at the hotel to discuss a project with Raven.
Raven sipped his coffee elegantly, and his handsome black eyes fell on Elvis’s face.
Elvis lifted his handsome eyelids and looked at him.
“Are you sure that you don’t wanna join North’s livestream? It’s her first today.”
Raven placed the teacup on the table. His face was blank, and his aura was cold.
The last time he had seen North was at his birthday, and he had asked her manager to suspend all her
works, until she came and met him. But North was adamant and had refused going to meet Raven,
instead, she went ahead and held a livestream.
North had grown up under Raven’s wings, and had been cared for by him. He had paved the way for
her to enter into the entertainment industry, and had also set up a team to guide her.
Raven was convinced that he spoiled her, hence the reason why she dared to disobey him. He had to
find a way to teach her a lesson, else she would always flout his orders.

A knock was heard on the door, and North’s manager hurriedly walked in as though she had something
very important to report to Raven.
“Young master Blue.” She called out.
Raven looked at her indifferently she inquired,
“What’s the matter?”
“Young master Raven, you must have heard that North’s first livestream is ongoing. North’s livestream
had overshadowed Pamela’s livestream. Her livestream has been recorded as the highest viewed in
“In the livestream, all of North’s outfit has been sold out. My phone has been buzzing, as a lot of
popular brands are calling to have North on their modelling team.”
Raven took out his phone from his pocket, ignoring Elvis’s mocking gaze. He searched for North’s
account, and in no time, he had joined her livestream.
North was wearing a pink dress. Her hair was packed in a ponytail. She looked exactly like a princess.
The music suddenly stopped, North hent and went under the camera. Once she surfaced she was
wearing a black suit.
The sweet and innocent girl had completely disappeared. North stared arrogantly into the calmera, and
then she tugged at the tie around her neck.
The Substanie Hote
By My Bilionaire Husband
“OMG! I’m already dead!”
“North, this is so gorgeous! I f ucken want this!”
Raven’s eyes widened at North’s outfit. When North had left LA two years ago, she was so well-
behaved and tender. He had imagined what she would look like once she was grown. Raven didn’t
expect that North would be beautiful like a goddess.
The public opinion were right, North was made for the showbiz industry!
Raven watched the livestream sinfully as he licked his lips. He pressed the screen and sent a fireworks

gift. Alongside his gift, was a request.
“Say you love me.”

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