The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 160

You are my little princess.
Olive took out her phone and posted a link to the livestream.
Olive joined North’s livestream, and in no time, the entire social media was on fire. The assistant
watched with excitement as the number of people viewing the livestream skyrocketed.
“North, Olive, you guys are really amazing.”
Olive took a sip of water and said to her assistant,
“Let’s start the livestream.”
“We should start now? Don’t you want us to wait a little longer?”
“There’s no need to wait any longer. We’ll definitely be able to get more people once wel commence.”
North insisted.
The assistant pulled open the curtain and North and Olive appeared on the screen.
A faint smile appeared on North’s charming brows, and she quickly said to Olive,
“Olive, look at that barrage, OMG!”
Olive stared into the screen and the livestream was bubbling with gifts.
“Olive, you still have the courage to show yourself?”
“Olive, now that president Augustine is with Pamela, has the divorce paper been delivered to you?”
“North, why are you still hanging out with someone like Olive?”
“Olive, leave Los Angeles ASAP!”
The comments poured in. North reached out and patted Olive on the shoulder.
“Are you okay?”

Olive chuckled and winked playful.
“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”
In the livestream nextdoor, Gwen stared at North’s livestream with her phone and let out a low laughter.
“Pamela, Olive is really shameless, she even dares to appear on North’s livestream. She’s been
bashed by the audience.”

Pamela had been humiliated by Elvis, and she was in a very bad mood.
“Let’s just watch her disgrace herself.” She muttered calmly.
“Pamela, the audience are sending us lots of gifts. Wow.” Gwen giggled happily.
Pamela was a talented medical girl from Los Angeles. In no time, the both livestream had commended
fully, Olive was still being insulted by the audience.
Pamela licked her lips. Although she could not win Elvis’s heart, she had already won the heart of the
The Culmin
“Pamela, look, Olive actually replied.
Olive replied with just two sentences,
“Elvis my love is all my mine! And mine alone!”
Olive responded directly to the rumours of her marriage. She showed the world that she was quite rigid
and had taken an oath of sovereignty.
“Olive, you wanna show us that you’ve got thick skin, right?”
“Where are you getting your confidence from? President Augustine is now with Pamela, right?”
“Compared to the talented Pamela, who would chose a nobody from the countryside?”
Gwen was very happy at the comments which were directed at Olive.
“Pamela, Olive’s reputation is already ruined. We don’t need to take any more actions.”
Pamela watched the livestream satisfactorily. She still couldn’t understand how Olive was her rival,
when she was way more talented than Olive.
A beeping sound sounded on the screen of North’s livestream, and gorgeous fireworks gift exploded.
It was because a rich buisness tycoon, had gifted North a gift which cost hundreds of thousands of
Gwen froze, and her face became ugly.
“Pamela, there’s actually a rich sponsor who just gifted North the fireworks gift. Our gifts can’t be
compared to North’s own.”
Pamela was also stunned. A while ago, she was happy at the gifts that their livestream was garnering,

but when the firework gift was sent to North, their gifts became one quarter of what North had received.
Who was this rich man who gifted North?
Pamela took closer look at the screen. The rich man name was Elvis Augustine. Elvis Augustine was
present in North’s livestream!
“Yes, Olive is mine. And I’m hers alone!” Elvis commented.
In no time, everyone went silent as they were ashamed of themselves.
Olive didn’t expect that Elvis would join the livestream. He was never a fan of such things.
North blinked at Olive vaguely,
“Your man is here to support you.”
Olive smiled sweetly. She replied to Elvis’s comment,
“Mr. Augustine, they said I’m a waste, and a b astard!”
The aggrieved tone in which Olive complained to Elvis was quite arrogant and outrageous.
“Who dare to say such?” Elvis response came in again.
Everyone in the internet was angry at Olive, but they couldn’t dare say anything else
The Subaltute Brule: Inteil liv M. Millim
60. You Are big little princess
The number of people in North’s livestream had also increased, totally surpassing Gwen and Pamela’s
“It’s okay my princess. I’ll spoil you later tonight.” Elvis commented again.
The entire internet had gone gaga.
It was shocking for Elvis to dote on a girl like Olive.
Everyone who was expecting that Elvis would divorce Olive felt their face cloud in shame.
North pursed her lips. She felt that there were no better couple than Elvis and Olive.
Olive was really enthusiastic. It was the day of Pamela’s commendation, and she was yet to send her a
Olive typed a public message for Pamela.

“Pamela, you need to repay the 1.2 million that you owe me, even though it was Mr. Augustine that
initially gave it to you, as his wife, I wasn’t aware of his decision. So, I need. you to repay me my
money. Please do well to pay me back immediately.” The message read.
The audience were shocked and no else commented.
What was Olive doing?
Did she actually openly demand the 1.2 million from Pamela?
Some time ago, Elvis had spent 1.2 million dollars to welcome Pamela to LA. Now, as Mrs. Augustine,
Olive requested a refund of the money.
A notification popped up in the phones of all neitzens. The Augustine corporation had just made a post.
The post was a lawyer’s letter from the Augustine corporation. Pamela was notified that she risked
being charged to court for civil disputes, and extortion, if she failed to pay back the money on time.
The entire internet was awestruck. One second, Olive requested her money from at livestream, and the
next second, the Augustine’s corporation public letter came in.

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