The Substitute Bride Doted by My Billionaire Husband

Chapter 169

The True Medical Genius is Olive!
Derrick looked at Olive for a moment. He didn’t expect that someone would be able to control the old
lady of the Robert’s family.
Olive raised her hand, and pushed the needle into the old lady’s acupuncture point. She smiled softly.
“Ma’am, the tumor in your brain is pressing on the nerves. You’re not the type to take medicine for
treatment, hence your body might deplete soon. You’re safe at the moment, but you need to have the
surgery as soon as possible. I’ll be with you till the surgery is completed ma’am. I won’t allow anything
bad to happen to you.
Mrs. Robert felt a little sleepy. Olive’s soft voice always lured her to sleep. She stubbornly murmured,
“You’re my angel.”
Olive withdrew the needle and Hudson quickly went over to check the old lady’s pulse. He let out a
shock expression.
“Mrs. Robert had really passed the crisis stage. Her pulse is now very calm.” Hudson announced
Pamela felt like her entire body had paralyzed. She took a few steps back and finally supported herself
with the wall, preventing herself from falling to the ground.
Did Olive really know how to seal acupuncture points?
If Pamela didn’t see it with her two eyes, she wouldn’t have believed it!
Olive didn’t lie, she had really saved the old lady. But how could that possible, when Olive only
graduated from high-school?
Pamela had watched closely. She knew that Olive’s acupuncture points technique was definitely a
master level.
Pamela felt that her bright life had suddenly turned dark, and she could no longer see the road to her

The audience were also stupefied. Everyone had witnessed Olive saving the old lady.
“Oh, so it was really Olive who had saved the old lady!”

“Why is Olive so amazing? She doesn’t have any higher education, yet she’s this talented.”
“So Pamela only wanted taking credit for what Olive did. It turns out that the real talented girl is Olive!”
The netizens comments flowed in.
The entire happening in the ward, was being broadcasted live. In no time, Olive had become the first
on the trending search.
Everyone was stunned, the sidelined ba stard girl, turned out to be a very talented medical girl.
One second the entire internet was criticizing Olive, the next, she rose up and slapped them
The Substitute Bride: Doted by My Billionaire Husband
Chapter 169 The True Medical Genius is Olive!
in the face.
It was the first time that everyone became particularly interested in the name, “Olive.”
The only information that the netizens knew about Olive was that she was sent to the orphanage at the
age of ten, and when she was nineteen, she had returned to LA to marry a ghost husband, who turned
out to be Elvis Augustine.
Olive’s face was always covered in a mysterious mask, making it difficult for people to see. her face
The entire internet was buzzing, buzzing because of Olive.
Once the old lady was sent into the intensive care unit, Olive had walked out of the ward to get some
Everyone in the research institute came out and stood some distance away, as they watched. her.
Director Hudson chased after her. Once he had caught up with Olive, he looked at Olive with a
nostalgic expression.
“Olive, i didn’t expect you to have such medical skills.” Hudson paused and looked at Olive for her
reaction, but her face was blank.
Hudson continued,
“Olive, I want to sincerely apologize to you. To be honest with you, I held a prejudice. against you from

the first day I saw you, so when you argued with Pamela that it was you
who had saved Mrs. Robert, I had sided her. All of Pamela’s honors and awards should be yours. The
dean is arriving today, I’ll explain everything to him. And at the same time, I really hope that you can
come back to the institute. The institute needs you.”
Hudson was a very responsible and principled man, he instantly apologized for his wrong judgement,
and begged Olive to return to the institute.
Olive’s bright looked at Hudson, and she chuckled lightly.
“Director Hudson, I really don’t blame you for anything that happened. But I still need some time to
decide if I’ll be returning to the institute.” Once Olive was done speaking, she turned and left.
Director Hudson and the students watched as Olive left the pharmacy.
Pamela walked over slowly, and her two hands were clenched into a fist. She knew that Olive had
stepped into the spotlight and became the focus of all attentions.
Director Hudson sighted Pamela, he turned and walked closer to her. He looked at Pamela sternly and
“Pamela, since the day you stepped your feet into this academy, I had high hopes for you. But this time,
you maliciously took credit for what you didn’t do, and you also almost killed. Mrs. Robert. You’re
hereby suspended from the institute, your presence is no longer needed. here.”
Pamela felt her head explode. She knew that she was done for. She moved her lips and wanted
pleading for mercy,
The Staatituie Bride: Dou
fa Williansien Huchandl
Chapter 169 The True Medical Genius is Olive!
“Director Hudson, I..”
Director Hudson didn’t want to listen to another of her word, so he turned and walked away from her.
Pamela stiffened. She felt everyone’s eyes on her. The students were pointing at her with contempt,
disgust and sympathy.

Greg hurriedly ran over.
“Pamela, what happened? Is it really true that Olive had saved the old lady?”
Greg could still not believe it. The girl who he despised and hated the most, was actually the real
talented medical girl.
“Pamela, have you gone through the internet? It’s on fire! Everyone is making post about you being
malicious and fake. The GoFundMe account that was created for you, was hastily closed down.”

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